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Zack Snyders Cut Of ‘Justice League’ Is Still Canon

  Zack Snyder & His Justice League Film In this World, we all struggle to understand complex ideologies that sometimes blur the lines of this reality to the next. Are we truly free to make our own choices? Or, as some would say, are we just puppets on a string going through the motions? But […]




Zack Snyder & His Justice League Film

In this World, we all struggle to understand complex ideologies that sometimes blur the lines of this reality to the next. Are we truly free to make our own choices? Or, as some would say, are we just puppets on a string going through the motions? But if that’s true, then everything is preordained; even my responses.

Yet, nothing has been so cut and dry than whether or not “The Snyder Cut Exist”. For whatever reason, it’s either ‘It doesn’t exist, get over it’ or it’s ‘The Snyder Cut exist, get over it’. There is no middle ground in this discussion. No grey area; just black or white. No willingness to actually think rationally when presented with factual information.

It Exists

It’s laughable to say some semblance of what Snyder originally showed Executives wasn’t well planned out and in final cut form. Not only has Jay Oliva blatantly confirmed Zack shot the scenes he wanted, but Zack and company also finished principal photography in October of 2016. That gave his crew, who were already editing and putting scenes in order during production, an extra 7 months to continue working on the film before he stepped away.

The lie of Zack bringing in Whedon should be clear. Zack has only ever seen his version of Justice League. It’s the reason he has no idea a Russian family would be in hiding near Steppenwolfs base of operation. It’s why the only thing either camp should be saying from here, is that VFX are not complete in Zacks cut. End of conversation. Or is it?

How We Know

Zack completed his film. Zack had the picture locked (a phrase his previous cinematographer Larry Fong used, to tell us the film was well into post production in February). Numerous cast and crew have already confirmed that they’ve seen his version. So should we really be surprised that people still say that ‘it doesn’t exist’? Those people are merely displaying their level of intelligence, or ignorance, on the situation. It’s not their fault they’re misinformed.

We really shouldn’t be having any conversation about ‘if’ his cut exist or not; It does. The Snyder Cut is real. It exists just as much as the oxygen you breath around you exist. It’s there; you just can’t see it.

What We Don’t Know

What we have yet to discover, however, is whether or not Zacks cut of Justice League would fall in criteria for future films. Would the continuity of what Joss Whedon did with re-shoots (the ending montage of the heroes was not how the film was meant to end) be the ‘rebirth’ of sorts for the next phase in the DC Universe of Films? Aquaman started principal photography before Zack stepped away from Justice League. So just how much influence would continue from Zacks original film?

Would Aquaman (the character) be similar to how he was represented by Zack who was, more or less, a loaner type? Or would he be the Aquaman who sat on the Lasso of Truth that revealed he doesn’t want to be a loaner anymore? As he so eloquently put it, “he has S*** to do” and thinks Wonder Woman is gorgeous.

The Flashpoint?

Depending on how you look at that scenario, maybe Joss Whedon was creating more depth and lore than we realized. What if Aquaman was on the Lasso of Truth for a reason? What if the reason he objectifies Wonder Woman by saying she’s gorgeous is that Joss Whedon inadvertently would have been the spark to launch the Flashpoint series? It would have been a brilliant display of his writing skills, all the while using but a single line of dialogue.

Think back to the gifted Chris Terrio, the other, OTHER writer for Justice League. He was able to use a similar technique in Batman v Superman. “A bell can’t be unrung”. Those familiar with that quote know Terrio was allowing the audience to know the death of Superman created multiple meanings for the upcoming films.

I’m being facetious. Whedon probably inserted that line without knowledge of Flashpoint. He probably thought it would be funny to objectivity Wonder Woman, while at the same time, reveal the kind of person Aquaman truly is. I mean, this is the same director who thought the fastest man alive, The Flash, would actually be slow enough to fall in-between Wonder Woman’s chest after saving her, just for laughs. So should we be surprised? I digress.

Will Aquaman Follow Whedon’s Reshoots Or Snyders Cut Of Justice League?

If you’re not familiar with my own thoughts, I’ve been very vocal about how I think Aquaman could actually open. If we are to believe how Justice League left the character, he’s swimming down into the ocean, passing a mother blue whale and her calf. That’s it. No context of where he’s going. He’s just swimming fast and deeper in the ocean. In fact, the way the ending montage is set up, we have zero information on what any of our Heroes will continue to do in their lives after defeating – err- after Superman defeats Steppenwolf.

The Wonder Woman scene is a re-shoot, as well as the Flash and Cyborg scenes. That’s why Wonder Woman is shown talking to children. That’s why Flash is running (in my own feeling) goofy. It’s why Cyborg is shown smiling with his father Silas at Star Labs. They wanted it to be more kid-friendly, and Whedon delivered. I should add that we were barely shown Star Labs throughout the entire film, so to tie it all back to that shot is odd.

How It Could Tie To Whedon’s Justice League

That montage works if you’re wanting to be vague enough to distance itself from what Zack originally intended. That is, to be a launching point for these new established characters without forcing any director to follow what was established. Justice League is so self-contained, all you would need to know is that Superman is dead. No need to watch Man of Steel or Batman v Superman. “The motherbox lit up like Christmas the night Superman died“, Cyborg tells us. Diana pleads to Bruce to get over Supermans death, telling him “at some point, even you have to move on“. Maybe Whedon was telling us that we, too, should move on from the characters we once loved? Bruce even shows the kind of man he is by bringing up a deceased lover of Diana. He asks her “Did Steve Trevor tell you that?“, prompting Diana to react in anger.

Of course, all of that is Joss Whedon brilliantly adding in the back story to things we already knew. I believe the term could even be considered ‘Ret-con’, but who knows?

Why It Won’t Tie To Whedon’s Justice League

So why would Aquaman have any relation to Man of Steel or Batman v Superman when it was clear the studio was distancing from those films? That was my thought when deciphering whether or not Wan was allowed to tell the story he wanted, even though he and Zack discussed story details during pre-production.

The ending montage of Justice League leaves so much open, that it would be silly to have that be the continuation of these Heroes. It would be as if the Studio wanted fans to think Afflecks Batman was just the older version of Blake, from The Dark Knight Rises. Sure, we never see him don the cape and cowl, but it was left open for interpretation that he was going to. I just don’t think anyone would have bought into it is all.

How It Could Tie To Snyders Justice League

We sometimes forget the little information no one seems to talk about when it comes to Aquaman. Like the fact that everyone involved with the derailment of Justice League, hasn’t been with the studio this early 2018. Or the fact that James Wan literally told The Daily Telegraph via Batman News:

“I’ve been wanting to bring a movie to Australia for a long time now, and it’s kind of hard because you don’t really dictate where you shoot your films. But now, I’m in a position of power where I can say ‘If you guys want me to do this movie, this is how I’m going to do it. It means I can make the film I want to make.”

I should also bring up that Zack and James discussed how things would work for each other’s films, respectively. He told Nathaniel Brail:

“I was talking to DC and Zack [Snyder] quite early on before they even started making Justice League, so I had a very good insight into what they were doing and I ultimately realized the story I wanted to tell doesn’t really clash with what they were doing.I wanted to take my hero in a hero’s journey that is basically narrative wise a classic quest story that takes us into the seven worlds of Atlantis, and ultimately, I knew that it was such a standalone story that I wasn’t gonna affect them and they weren’t going to affect me and I could really just make it Aquaman’s movie.”

Why It Ties To Snyders Justice League

If those words from the man himself weren’t enough, it was recently brought to my attention via Twitter User Vamos Ramos, that Jason Momoa talked about how Aquaman would actually continue from the story of Justice League. In the most nonchalant way, Chris Van Vliet simply asks Jason:

Chris: “Where exactly, or when exactly, does this take place in the DC Universe?”

Jason: “I think I’m coming straight from Justice League.”

Chris: “Are we talking day after, week after?”

Jason: “Yeah, cause in Zacks cut (long pause), um, we had it where I was with Vulko and Mera and I say ‘I have to go home’ and they say ‘there’s some force coming and I need to help’ and I’m like ‘I’m going home to see my dad’ and so I get in the back of a pick up truck and pound a bottle of something and off he goes to wonder, ya know. So that was kind of like the end of Justice League where I was going and uh, then you cut to me coming home and running into a submarine and bango….I’m coming straight back from where the Justice League experience [ends].

What Does It All Mean?

It’s simple really. As far as Aquaman is concerned, it follows the same story beats as “Zacks Cut” of Justice League. That would also mean the cut is canon when compared to the Theatrical Cut of Justice League. And we all know that film doesn’t tie to the Aquaman film.

In short, once Zacks Cut of Justice League is released, it won’t affect any continuity between future films. The current version of Justice League, directed by Whedon, doesn’t need to be viewed in order to enjoy Aquaman. So there’s that.

Now the only question is: When will we get Zacks Cut of Justice League? Let us know in the comments.

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