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Wyatt Russell Will Play U.S Agent In ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’; Check Out The First Poster



During this weekends Disney+ showcase at the D23 expo in Anaheim, Kevin Feige announced that another character who over the years has taken on the mantle of Captain America had joined the cast of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Wyatt Russell (Overlord) will play John Walker, better known to the Marvel faithful as U.S Agent. Walker originally started off as the misguided villain/hero known Super-Patriot, an adversary to Captain America, before going on to take the mantle of Cap himself after Steve Rodgers relinquished the role. Eventually Walker gave up the role and began working for the United States Government as U.S Agent.

It’s yet to be revealed if Russell’s take will be friend or foe to Falcon and the Winter Solider, however rumours surfaced a few weeks ago, saying the character would appear, and that the show would deal in the wake of Captain America relinquishing the mantle and choosing Sam Wilson as his successor. The Government are pissed that they weren’t consulted on the matter before Cap handed off the shield, and more than likely make another Captain America/U.S Agent in their own image, who will butt head with our heroes on the series.

Check out the first poster released for the series at D23:

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