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Will The Real Darkseid Please Stand Up?



Another Piece Of The Snyder Cut Puzzle

We had always known that Darkseid would have appeared at some point in Justice League. But now, we finally know who played Darkseid in Justice League! Well, sort of, that is. Last week, James Boudreau of The Film Exiles broke a story that raised a lot of eyebrows. In it, he was told by a source, who worked closely with the film, that Ray Porter was cast as Darkseid. This, of course, was during Snyder Con

From there, a factoid grew, even more so, when Zack Snyders name was attached to be that anonymous source. Now, was James’ source, in fact, Zack Snyder himself? No one knows. But Zack seemingly confirmed this news with a Vero post introducing the man and commenting “For Darkseid”.

Zack Snyder Vero

So What Does It All Mean?

Well, that means that Ray Porter, a talented voice actor, was in factoid, selected by Snyder. But the question STILL remains: For What role? Was there a speaking role? Was it motion capture? Would he have been a stand-in similar to how Richard Cetrone was a stand-in for Steppenwolf. We all know that Ciaran Hinds was the voice and credited actor for Steppenwolf, but he did not perform as Steppenwolf.

Now, we all know that Darkseid was likely to appear in the History Lesson in the Shrine of the Amazons. But even that brings up way more questions than answers. In said lesson, every single one of the Old Gods was almost bodybuilder types in the form of actual Greek Gods. Does that mean Ray Porter was merely going to voice him? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain. More and more secrets keep coming out about the Snyder Cut of Justice League. That means Warner Bros. might have to be forced to release it. One way or another.

Old Gods

Source: The Film Exiles

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