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Why The Next ‘Justice League’ Film Should Be Flashpoint

Why Flashpoint The first Justice League film was a massive failure. I’m not just talking about Box Office; I’m talking overall. That’s no fault to Zack Snyder. With the film gutted from Zack Snyders original vision to Junkie XL being removed as the film composer. Did I mention the 60% of reshoots or Whedon scenes littered throughout? The […]



Why Flashpoint

The first Justice League film was a massive failure. I’m not just talking about Box Office; I’m talking overall. That’s no fault to Zack Snyder. With the film gutted from Zack Snyders original vision to Junkie XL being removed as the film composer. Did I mention the 60% of reshoots or Whedon scenes littered throughout? The fact it still bears Zacks name as the sole director is a shame. We still don’t know if we’ll get a Snyder Cut of Justice League. What I do know, is that the people responsible for sabotaging Zacks film are no longer with the studio.

With the massive success of Wonder Woman, and now Aquaman, it seems that things are moving into a more solo dominating world. That’s ok when considering we’ve never seen some of these characters on the big screen before. But what happens after WW84? Gal Gadot has gone on record saying it’s not a direct sequel. And what about Aquaman? Sure, it’ll have a sequel; I’m almost positive. And they’ll probably fast track that very soon. But Flash and Cyborg aren’t getting films anytime soon. Add the never-ending ‘will he won’t he’ charade from Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill reprising their roles as Batman and Superman respectively, what more could they lose?

We Don’t Need Solo Films Anymore

The Flashpoint story is, in essence, a Flash film; it just involves a plethora of other DC members. The ‘Superman’ of this world is Cyborg. Thomas Wayne is this versions Batman, so Affleck could cameo in the beginning and end, giving rise to Jeffrey Dean Morgan. When you think about Shazam! already being made, this gives all the major characters that would be involved their own time to shine.

There are only so many films that can be made using the stable of DC actors currently with the franchise. So, why not go out in style and capitalize on being able to start a new without it feeling like a reboot? It’s simple really if you think about it. It could create a new world by simply staying true to the story. Let’s take a look at each character before we dive into how it could work:

The Heroes


With Ezra Millers obvious involvement, this serves as a means to have a Flash film finally come to fruition. We already know that he’s traveled through time before. Remember, he was the one to warn Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman. It’s been established nicely. So, being able to connect this version of Flash with time travel and altering the timeline shouldn’t be that far out there.


The solo film for Cyborg is tentatively scheduled for April 3, 2020. As we all know, that can change. I’m being facetious, but really, it’s quite frustrating to not know if the film will be made or not. But what if Flashpoint fixed that, to a degree? In this storyline, Ray Fisher’s character is essentially the Big Metal Boy Scout. Having him be the ‘Superman’ of this Universe would be a pleasure to the fans who have waited to see him on film. Knowing that most of his story and character development was altered by Joss Whedon on Justice League, it’s only right that he shines in the role.


If you’re not familiar with the story, this version of Batman is actually Thomas Wayne. It’s Bruce that gets shot by Joe Chill. This inadvertently creates Martha to become the Joker. I’m sure that casting Jeffery Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen in Batman v Superman wasn’t purely coincidence. I truly think Zack had a plan. JDM has already played a masked vigilante in one of Zack Snyders films. But this also would allow Ben Affleck to have a very minor role if any, should he reprise it. We don’t need his solo film because he’s been fighting criminals for the past 20 years in Gotham. This would also be a perfect segway to begin Matt Reeves’ Batman films, should they recast.


I’m sure anyone that’s already seen Aquaman, or will, can attest that Jason Momoa is perfect as the titular character. We also know that a sequel will almost be fast-tracked because it’s on its way to becoming the highest grossing film in the DC Universe. But think for a moment, the characters that are in Flashpoint as well as Aquaman. We have the perfect reason to show Patrick Wilsons Orm in a different way. If they wanted, we could even see Aqualad make an appearance. And because Aquaman plays a very important role in the Flashpoint story, we know he can hold his own. Of course, it would be a different departure from what we’ve seen thus far, but that’s the beauty of different interpretations. There’s only a finite amount of films that can be made before the recast anyways.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 will be the second solo film to feature the Superhero. If we’re meant to believe that this film might not tie into anything previous in the Universe, that means it’ll be a fresh take. DC has clearly made it evident that this is not the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By that I mean, they’re not having 10 years worth of films to lead to a massive conclusion. And really, why should they? That’s not how this series was meant to be. The original idea from Zack was to have a 5-part story arc. He wanted Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, so she could transition into her Solo Debut. With those plans slightly shifting, its lead us into a state of limbo. We have no idea what the future plans for these films are going to be. Are they going to connect? Will we ever see more than just solo films from any of the DC Characters again? No one knows. And if they do, it’s not being made public.


What’s not to say about Henry Cavill being Superman that hasn’t already been said. With Man of Steel, we were introduced to, in my own interpretation, the best Superman in a film. Yes, we’ve heard that he might potentially be exiting the role. But this is Warner Bros. we’re talking about. Even they don’t know what they’re doing with the character (that’s just a little humor). In all seriousness though, it looks like we might not be getting a Superman film anytime in the near future. So why not allow him to be seen as an oddity in this Universe? He wouldn’t need to be in peak Superman shape because of how the story goes. And because this is an adaption, they could even have him play a larger role, giving fans more Superman on film. Because he was the one to start the franchise, it would be nice to see him play another role that isn’t Bizarro Superman in Justice League.

Green Lantern

This is the only character that would actually be new in the entire film. But the great thing about that is we actually only see hints of Hal Jordan willing the ring. Because of the new introduction, it could give time to alter his storyline a bit to make sure the fans knew this was a different version from the 2011 film. I think we would all appreciate that.


Because this film will have already been released, the likely hood of a sequel being greenlit is doubtful. There’s a reason this film is being released by New Line Cinema and NOT Warner Bros. Now, that’s not a knock on the film, quite the contrary actually. This isn’t a tent-pole film. It has more freedom to try new things and have less scrutiny under executive pressure to appease the General Audience. That’s great if you want to see a director’s true vision, and I think David F. Sandberg will deliver. But I also know that Zachary Levi would be a great addition with the League since it seems we won’t be getting a Justice League sequel anytime soon.

Our Other Characters

To say DC has perfect casting is an understatement. Even with minor character roles, their choices have been top-notch. So when the story involves seeing Lex Luthor join the good side, Jesse Eisenberg would be amazing. Can you even get Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and Amy Adams as Lois Lane more exact? With the success of Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera is exactly what you would want to see in that film. She’s no sidekick. She’s a complete badass who is no damsel in distress. So seeing her face off against Wonder Woman would be such a spectacle because both actresses are brilliant.  Add Willem Dafoe’s Vulko and you have almost the entire cast from the film, in Flashpoint

The Villains


What a perfect way to introduce Zoom to the world. The Flash’s rogue gallery has barely been touched with Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad. But in this Universe, we would actually see several of his villains in action. Plus, what better way to have the two fastest men alive duke it out then at the end during a massive battle. Sound Familiar? (Aquaman reference) Seriously, think of the cinematic glory that would be on display. We see both men trying to top one another while seamlessly moving in and out of other major characters fighting. The thought alone makes me wish this could be a reality.

Black Manta

It’s a known fact that the DC Villains have been stellar, and that didn’t stop with Black Manta. This is just another reason to have Yahya Abdul-Mateen II reprise his role again. The suit is already comic accurate. I would love to see Manta play a larger role while also being on the same side as Aquaman.


Any reason to have Margot Robbie in a film is perfectly acceptable to me. Only in this version, Harley Quinn would actually be a slightly different design than she’s known. But that’s what makes a film like this so great. A lot of these characters and actors would be playing the same people, just in completely new and different ways. It would allow them not to get stagnate with their roles. Plus, it’s always fun seeing Harley in a film.

Ocean Master

Again, Patrick Wilson does a phenomenal job playing Orm in Aquaman. So being able to see him actually aligned with his brother Arthur, would be great. Imagine seeing Orm in his current silver and purple attire, next to Aquaman’s green and gold suit. Seeing their fight against each other was like seeing comic book pages come to life. Seeing them work together would be even better.


Should I really say that Joe Manganiello is Deathstroke here? I know he was most likely going to play a larger role in Justice League, so why not allow him to return in this iteration? Like I mentioned, almost all of the key players for this film have been cast, and it would work. Seeing Deathstroke and Lex actually working together this time would be a treat to the fans.

Captain Boomerang

If they wanted to stick with the opening of the story, they could use Jai Courtney’s Cap Boomerang to be one of the villains Flash faces. Again, we’ve already seen him and Ezra Miller within the same scene so seeing them again would be great. The only characters that would need to be cast would be possibly Captain Cold and Mirror Master. I don’t think they would need any more than those 3 to make the story more compelling than it already is.

Why It Would Work

In the Flashpoint Universe, Barry Allen doesn’t have powers. So not only would it essentially be an origin story for him, but it would also be able to use flashbacks and memories of the present DC Universe of films. This new world also is on the brink of an all-out war between the Atlanteans and Amazons. Seeing Artemis and Antiope back in action, fighting Orm, Tula and Kaldur’ahm would be a sight.

I understand that seeing Wonder Woman and Aquaman fight to the death might seem brutal, but that’s the point of this film. It’s an alternate Universe. This isn’t the world we know of these characters that have been seen in the last few years. This would create such a unique opportunity to completely separate this world from anything the MCU has created thus far.

My Favorite Interaction

I think having Aquaman v Wonder Woman is poetic. In this timeline, Arthur has an affair with Diana. Once Mera finds out, she attacks Diana. This creates some of the best dialogue between Wonder Woman and Aquaman:

Arthur: “You murdered my wife, Diana.”

Diana: “She tried to assassinate me, Arthur. I was protecting myself.”

Arthur: “Yet you wear her helmet like a trophy.”

Diana: “No. A Warning!”

To see that in live action would be monumental. Especially since both characters are dominating the box office. That will only last so long.

How It Could Work

Almost every single major character from this film has already played their respective roles. That means the general audience has already seen them be the Heroes they’re meant to be. For obvious reasons, this film would have to be methodically planned out. With so many actors and actresses involved, you would need to get everyone on schedule to at least shoot for several weeks together.

The beautiful thing about this kind of film is that the cast wouldn’t need to have months carved out of their schedules. Because of how the story takes place, they can arrange everyone that has scenes together to work around each other. For the most part, these actors and actresses have contracts for future films slated anyways. It’s part of the stipulations when you begin in a franchise like this. They could even switch up some of the storylines to utilize this massive cast.

When It Could Work

I’m partial to who I think could pull off a film of this caliber. The obvious go-to for me is Zack Snyder. Talk about a comeback tour. After everything that happened to his first Justice League film, seeing him have creative freedom on this type of project would be idyllic. Of course, that’s if he wanted to direct another DC Film. And that’s also if Warner Bros. would want him back.

Because this film would be controversial as it is, and Zack Snyder merely mentions a word and it strikes up controversy, I think it’s only fitting. No matter who directs this film, it’ll have its uphill battles to overcome. The benefit to that is people who love and hate Zack will want to see what he creates. Controversy sells. And the last thing anyone would say is that he doesn’t stick close to source material. Well, how’s Flashpoint for source material?

Other Directors

Since this is a hypothetical situation anyway, why not go all out on other potential directors for the job? Other than Zack, here is a list of other directors I think could work with this type of film:

Quentin Tarantino

Why? Because his upcoming film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, has more talent than any other film I can think of. He knows how to handle ensemble films and he could keep the budget relatively small. That’s Important when considering the level of risk it could potentially have. But after all, Warner Bros is making a solo Joker film WITHOUT Batman. How much risk would it be having ALL of your characters show up in one film with a high-profile director?

Alex Garland

He’s proven that he can create otherworldly films with a small cast, or a large one. If James Wan and David F. Sandberg can come from the Horror genre, why not Alex? What I’ve also noticed is that he can create films that make you analyze and interpret what’s being shown on-screen. We’re dealing with time-travel after all.

J.C. Chandor

He’s already directed Batman -err- I mean Ben Affleck in his next film, Triple Frontier. Not only does that film have quite the ensemble, but it also looks to be another fantastic film of his. He’s already been nominated for an Oscar, and his film A Most Violent Year earned him Best Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Awards. If Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck is willing to act in his film, I’m ok with him directing him as Batman as well.

Matthew Vaughn

Should I explain why? Other than X-Men: First Class being one of my favorite X-Men films, he also directed Kingsman. Both massive ensemble films as well as comic book adaptations. This guy would be a great addition to the stellar directors the DC Films already have.

James Mangold

Logan proved that having a gritty take on a hero could work with the Adult audience. It’s one of my favorite films. And knowing he didn’t hold back on X-23 or her violence was nice to see. He took risks and it worked for him and Hugh Jackman. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see James coming to DC sooner rather than later.

Christopher McQuarrie

Rounding out my list of potential directors, and it would be a shame if I didn’t include Chris. He’s already directed Superman and Green Lant…..I mean, Tom Cruise. He knows how to handle a big film and I loved what he did with both Mission Impossible films. He created new ideas for both by hiring a completely different crew. This gave him the feeling of being a new director within the same franchise. Plus, we already know he can create stunning action.

This Film Could Work

Yes, it could work, if Warner Bros. gives it a chance. With the massive amount of talented actors and actresses already cast in certain parts, its a perfect opportunity. No other comic book studio has a story like Flashpoint. This would not only launch a completely different film but would create an ideal way for franchises to reboot if need be. If Matt Reeves cast a new Batman? Awesome. It makes sense because of Flashpoint. Everything that happens after this film, can all be tied back neatly. Hopefully, Warner Bros. sees it that way. Plus, it wouldn’t be coming out until possibly 2021, so we would have time.

Do you think Flashpoint could work on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below.



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