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Are you disappointed with the meh finale of Wandavision?

Did you really want it to open a whole new multiverse that they had been teasing?

Were you initially happy with the direction of the show and then it took a turn in a direction of the same old same old MCU?

Well then, you just have to realize its ALL YOUR FAULT!

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So, yeah the finale of MCU’s first foray into making a series left a lot of people with mixed opinions. (ok maybe not the first foray if you count Inhumans, Agent Carter or Agents of Shield…which no sane person should). In case you haven’t figured it out yet – SPOILER WARNING– the finale consisted of Agatha All along (lets face it no one is going to remember the character as Agatha Harkness from now onwards) fighting with Wanda on the streets of Westview. She lifts the spell off of the poor mentally enslaved citizens and they confront Wanda for what she has done to them. Wanda also realizes she has to let go of her children and Vision because she cannot continue to deal with her grief in this way.  She also finds a very clever way of defeating Agatha.

So far so good? Yup. White Vision (i.e. original Vision reanimated by director Hayward and SWORD) fights with Hex Vision in a very Man of Steel-esque fight (with none of the style and intensity though) until they have philosophical debate involving the Ship of Theseus (Google it).

So far so good? Absolutely. Also, Monica Rambeau shows up to support Wanda. We get glimpses of her Captain Marvel powers. Also, Kat Dennings (I really cant ever remember the characters name) rams her car into Director DICK! I mean hell yeah!

Uhh…so what went wrong?


We honestly dropped our jaws when they had Evan Peters who plays Pietro/Quicksilver from the Fox X-Men movies show up at the door in one of the episodes. That was the Oh-shit moment of the show…and it kinda went downhill from there. Not only did they not know where to take the character from there onwards, but just like Mandarin in Iron Man 3, Nick Fury losing his eye and most of the MCU- it turned out to be a joke. I mean the reveal that the character was a fake out from Agatha was still acceptable and well…they could have stopped it at that. A cool fan service cameo.

It still would have been disappointing but not as disappointing as finding out that it was just another rando citizen named Ralph Bohner..its funny get it ?..coz it rhymes with Boner? Get it? GET IT? ….everybody laugh, roll on snare drums. Curtains. (become my friend if you got that Watchmen reference).

I mean if they had planned it that way, they didn’t have to get Evan Peters. They could’ve gotten MCU’s own Quicksilver (Aaron-Taylor Johnson) back and it would have worked as a twist. Or they could have left the character thread hanging…not truly revealing how or why he got there…a multiverse/X-men tease for future seasons.


Got to give credit where credit is due. The series finally showed that MCU can be good at deconstructing superpowered characters and showing us their struggles…humanizing them. Some thing the DCEU completely aces even in non-Snyder movies like Aquaman or Shazam. While phase 1 had a decent idea of how to do it, (Thor 1 was a genuinely good movie.) the rest of the movies never quite knew how to handle super-powered characters properly. Most of the movies that really shined in the MCU were about humans becoming heroes – Iron Man 1, Black Panther, Winter Soldier etc.

The Russo syndrome -as it should be called by everyone- is to take superpowered characters and sideline them or turn them into jokes (Taiki Waititi style). Russos genuinely had no clue on how to handle Hulk throughout IW and Endgame. Thor was obviously a joke. Dr. Strange was handling a broken dam during the most important battle in the history of the ENTIRE MULTIVERSE. Wanda almost defeats Thanos. But the cherry on top of this shitpile is Vision.

Now Joss Whedon maybe one of the most toxic directors ever, but hey…in his movie Vision actually did something by frying off Ultron. The character has the genius of Tony Stark, the body of the strongest metal known to the MCU and has a literally INFINITY STONE IN HIS HEAD. Plus he can phase through things. He could have literally incinerated half of Thanos’ army. But thanks to Russo’s unimaginative direction and Markus and Mcfeely’s super aversion to thinking bolder- all we get right from Civil War to Infinity War is a clueless character who just floats in the air during a fight. Gets stabbed and dies for shock value.

So when Hex Vision is actually given some character development and then actually we see him use his powers against weaponized Vision- its actually good to see him do something for once. Then he manages to  defeat/convert weaponized Vision by using logic..which is actually awesome. However, as soon as weaponized Vision realized he is the “real” Vision. He immediately gets the Russo syndrome and flies off…flies so fast that he goes beyond screen and plot.

Thanos was right


However, it is completely your fault if you are disappointed with the show. Its completely your fault that the show which should’ve kept its marketing and tone limited to being a exploration of Wanda rather than leaving threads hanging like multiverse etc.

It’s 100% your fault that the cast and crew hyped up a “Luke Skywalker in the Mandalorian” level cameo. It’s your fault you didn’t know Paul Bettany was trolling when he said that he worked in the finale with an actor he has always wanted to work with before.

How dare you assume the series will finally use Wanda’s magical reality bending powers to bridge the Fox X-men and Marvel Cinematic Universe?! Especially when they had an actor playing a character common to both universes show up.

How dare you assume that Monica Rambeau’s ‘aeronautical engineer’ friend could have been Reed Richards?! Its not like Disney/Marvel have the right to Fantastic Four and X-men both.

Why would you even assume that multiverse was a remote possibility when the show carried a ad for Nexus? – which is a intersecting point for multiple realities in the comics.

Why would you even think that Dr. Strange would show up in a show about magic?!

You see its all your fault. You should never expect a lot. Lower your expectations, just like the director of the show said.

What is the MCU, if not disappointments persevering.

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