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What We Learned About The Snyder Cut Of ‘Justice League’

  In The Face Of Armageddon When I do research on a topic, I make sure to find EVERY fact to back up evidence either for or against my case. I want to stay 3 steps ahead of any rebuttal or objection one may have to dispute my thoughts. In my line of work, we call […]




In The Face Of Armageddon

When I do research on a topic, I make sure to find EVERY fact to back up evidence either for or against my case. I want to stay 3 steps ahead of any rebuttal or objection one may have to dispute my thoughts. In my line of work, we call that ‘Closing the sale’.

If you’re familiar with the debacle that was Justice League, then you should be aware that everything being told to us before its release, was a bold lie. But how do I know this? Well, I did my homework. So I completely understand if you actually aren’t aware of everything that happened, and really why would you? No one needs to know the inner workings of how or why things change with a movie. In actuality, we shouldn’t know the inner workings of movies.

The Lie

So what do you do if you feel that a movie you were told to be one thing, turned out to be something else entirely? “What can you do?” is usually the question associated with anyone voicing their displeasure about a film. So what happened? Well, fans came together to show support for a director that was, at the end of the day, removed from his film. But that wasn’t enough. “What can you do?” turned into a sort of mocking and bullying towards anyone who wanted to answer that very question. It got to the point that advocates going against the very notion of making your voice heard was equaling being in a cult.

Then, a new question was created: “Why are you asking?” And again, the fans responded with a movement to show their support. The entire reason people were, and still are, asking for Warner Bros. to release a Snyder Cut of Justice League, is the principle of the matter. Do we allow what was told to us by Producers and Cast, that the film was Zack Snyder’s the entire time? And if we allow them to get away with the facade of being a director-driven studio, where does that line get drawn? I don’t remember the studio interfering with any of Christopher Nolan’s films when he was creating The Dark Knight Trilogy, and two out of the three films generated over a billion in revenue at the box office. If the reason for interfering with Justice League was to reach that billion-dollar threshold, the committee failed miserably.

On To The Next One

When that question was dismissed, a new one was created: “How are you asking?” Only this time, more people closely involved with the actual film started to become involved. Bloggers, “scoopers”, and even random YouTubers, rallied together against any and all who said a cut that belonged to Snyder existed. While also using their platforms, with massive followers, to denounce it as well. Since they have the mountain to climb up on and shout at the feeble-minded below, they made it known that a Justice League Snyder Cut would never come out for the fact it never was created.

Now, maybe its senility, but I could’ve sworn that this ENTIRE situation came about, because the talented and brilliant executives, physically watched something that was put together from Snyder himself, of Justice League. One would also conclude that if, and that’s apparently somehow a big if, Snyder shot 100% of principal photography, he should’ve had a full-fledged cut of the film he intended to edit down and process.

But that assumes you are fully aware of the inner workings of how a film is made, which many do not. They rely on people with more knowledge than them to understand and learn about things. It’s those individuals who have a responsibility to do their due diligence about all things being treated fair and unbiased when developing information. Mainly because we take them for their word.

What’s Really Happening

Those same individuals, however, are doing the exact opposite. They have turned their platforms into gimmicks; wanting clicks to either harass a specific fandom or draw conflict from said fandom by blatantly showing their bias views on one property versus another. Whether they write headlines akin to causing an uproar on social media, or they critique a film by bashing another to compare it to. They have learned that they profit greatly by gaining attention, albeit, a negative one filled with resentment. They’re doing exactly what they are aiming to do, in lieu of factually arguing for argument’s sake.  Just as I am clearly aware, that biased journalism sells more magazines. If they kept everything equal, how would they earn revenue?

We recently learned that a journalist, from ‘The Wall Street Journal’, was creating a piece of work about not only the fandom but the Snyder Cut of Justice League itself. This wasn’t a blogger or YouTuber, nor was it a publication that “needs” clicks in order to gain attention. This is the largest newspaper circulation in the United States. The establishment has won 40 Pulitzer Prize awards, and just recently, celebrated another year in its 129 years of operation.

The Wall Street Bias

I heard that this journalist was working on a story and it piqued my interest in the hopes that it might eliminate the naysayers and unite the fandom even more. Now it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that by his involvement, things were looking stronger than ever. One major reason was because of his book released earlier this year about the film industry. It was on his thoughts against corporate dealings/studio interference with artistic filmmakers. Another, was because this very journalist broke the news for Warner Bros., in 2014, that Snyder was directing Justice League.

Well, I read the article today. And if I had read what I read on a site like Collider or io9, I would have thought this was a re-printed article of theirs, from September or October, of 2017. This person interviewed some in the fandom that was making their voices heard. He even interviewed Jay Oliva, who not only worked on 4 films with Zack Snyder but was a key component and advocate for Snyder’s Cut of Justice League.

He chose, however, not to include that interview, but instead, try to reach out to a representative from the replacement director, Joss Whedon. And in doing so, literally spewed out almost the EXACT same verbiage we heard Warner Bros. say before the original film was released. No direct quotes from named individuals. No factual information. And in a way, almost like a press release for Warner Bros. to stay the course since they would be in the wrong otherwise. In fact, he literally mentioned that Snyder oversaw the new scenes Joss Whedon wrote, which is a proven fact that Snyder never knew about new scenes.

What We Learned

Today, I learned that a journalist for the biggest newspaper establishment in America is the epitome of the bloggers and YouTubers that have begun to tear down fandoms. I learned that I don’t have to cite sources to create opinions, nor do research and write unbiased editorials. I just have to write things based on fear; fear of the right thing not happening. But, what if this movement is bigger than just one film? What if the fear so many bloggers are feeling is that their words aren’t gaining the traction they keep thinking it will gain?

If you think this movement was going to be an easy “let’s give the fans what they want” movement, you’re mistaken. If that was how Warner Bros. thought, we never would have gotten the Justice League film we got in theaters. But you also shouldn’t give up so easily when things get tough. Do not think this movement is over.

To quote Les Brown:

One of the things I’ve realized is (and many of us have): If you want something out of life; if you want to change yourself; if you want to acquire something; if there’s some goal you want to reach; That it’s really not easy as some people would make it seem. That living your dream, changing your behaviors, over coming negative habits; it’s challenging. It’s hard. That fighting alone is very difficult. And once we begin to come to terms with the fact that fighting for what you want is difficult. That whatever it is that you want to do, you want to do it massively. Most people won’t do that. Most people give up on themselves easily. 

Do you know the human spirit is powerful? When you have a made up mind; when you decide that you want to do something. The power to hold on, in spite of everything; The power to endure; this is the winner’s quality. You have that quality in you. The hunger, the ability to face defeat, again and again without giving up. This is the winner’s quality. You don’t care about the facts; don’t care about the odds.

You have to learn how to tune out the critics outside, and the critic inside. To say “I’m going to do this and I’m not going to let anything stop me. I deserve this.” If you want something, you have got to be relentless. Regardless of what happens.

Do not feel defeated. Instead, ask yourself how this came to be? You have a choice today: Do you continue to listen and follow people who think you’re nothing but a cult following peasant? Or do you find new and unbiased places and people to follow what you love? If you do that, you make their reason for existing obsolete. I would hope, the people reading this understand what I mean………wherever they’re reading this. Thank you for your time.

Never Compromise

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