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What Happens When ‘Release The Snyder Cut’ Goes To Disney D23 Expo?




Have you ever wondered why Marvel and Disney usually never attend San Diego Comic-Con? Well, that’s because they have their own ‘Con’ of sorts dubbed Disney D23. This is the place that’s mainly for Disney titles with new footage or announcements to get shown to the masses. Or as I like to call them: The General Audience. Being the conglomerate it is now, Disney essentially holds about 33% of the market share when it comes to box-office earnings. What that means is Disney owns 1 out of 3 movies in theaters across the globe. That might not seem that big a deal to the laymen, but consider this: Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros., and Sony are the other major studios vying for 2 spots. Grade school taught us that 4 does not equal to 2.

So if you have the general audience in one place and they’re mainly Marvel & Disney fans, what does that have to do with the Snyder Cut of Justice League? Well, I’ll tell you. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little bubbles on the internet. We forget other people exist in the physical world, or at least SOME people do. And we also forget that most people aren’t into films as much as us. Even though WE know what happened to Justice League, the general audience doesn’t. So two fans set out to find out just how much dedicated Marvel and Disney fans know about the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Here’s what they found:

What Does It Mean?

If you watched the video above, a few things should catch your attention. One, people were brutally honest with their opinions towards Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Two, you’ll notice neither Dave nor Justin immediately start harassing the individuals because they had a different opinion to theirs. Twitter is a mad world. But what I noticed is, for the most part, the casual moviegoer didn’t like the theatrical version of Justice League and it shows. It’s the lowest-grossing film of the DC Extended Universe to date involving Superman. And people remember it for being a different tone from the two films that preceded it. That’s actually very important. Even one of the guests in the video, Ricardo, agrees that Warner Bros. should have allowed Snyder to finish his film as he intended.

But that leads me to my last point. If you watched the video above, you would understand just how unaware the general audience really is about the Justice League debacle. They don’t know what it is, but they would be willing to pay for it out of sheer curiosity. If only there was some algorithm to record data on how many people would be willing to pay and just how much, we could show AT&T what they’re missing out on. We know that’s all that matters to them anyways. But how to get all that data is a horse of a different color. I don’t have that answer right now. But even if I did, what use would it do for only the diehard fans on twitter to be recorded when we already know their answer. We need to know what the masses think because they’re the biggest number and by the millions. But how? That’s the $40 Million dollar question, Regis.

Board By Justin, cropped by me and edited with D23 Logo so it’s really my own work

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