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‘WandaVision’: Why This Weeks Reveal Disappointed Fans



‘WandaVision’ debuted just a few weeks ago and has been the topic of a lot of conversation. Following the Disney Plus release strategy of ‘The Mandalorian’, ‘WandaVision’ is also releasing weekly. And it has become another “watercooler” type show for fans to discuss amongst their friends and family, and even on social media. And for good reason, the show is pretty great!

Launching into a new direction of the MCU, seemingly setting up the concept of the “Multiverse”, that will tie into ‘Spider-Man 3′ and ‘Dr. Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness’. ‘WandaVision’ has become must-watch television for MCU fans. And has even captured the hearts and minds of casual viewers. The tonal shift is a welcomed change for the as we usher in a new era for the MCU. But with this new era that is upon us, fans are expecting answers and clues for what the future of the Marvel Universe holds…


With the sale of Fox’s IP’s to Disney, many are expecting quick tie ins to the Fantastic Four or the X-MEN. And the MCU took it’s first step into beginning that clashing of worlds with the X-MEN Quicksilver actor, Even Peters, making his debut in the ‘WandaVision’ episode, “On A Very Special Episode…” This was long speculated, but a welcomed surprise for fans. Not only was it cool to see outside characters tie in, it showed that the sky’s the limit when it comes to X-MEN characters crossing over into the MCU. But with a bomb shell reveal like that, can ‘WandaVision’ keep course with those surprises?

Much like Mandalorian season 2, it seemed like every episode had a major surprise or cliffhanger. And while that is cool, it’s hard to sustain. After a while they’re just gonna run through every character they have until each reveal carries less and less weight.

Which brings me to the reveal of this weeks episode.


Continuing the mystery of the previous episodes of what exactly is going on in West View, this most recent episode attempts to shine some light on that. Throughout this episode, numerous objects are changing without the influence or control of Wanda. Which leads us to believe she no longer has a grasp on this reality that she created. But in the end, when Wanda goes to Agnes’ house, she finds herself in a lair in the basement where it’s revealed that Agnes has been the one pulling the strings all along. In which she proclaims herself as Agatha Harkness. And sufficed to say, this wasn’t the big reveal that the show made it seem it was. And this is for numerous reasons.


One being, no one knows who Agatha Harkness is. Unless you’re a Marvel comics expert, there’s a likely chance you’ve never heard of her. This isn’t a Thor or Thanos type of reveal. Agatha Harkness is at best a C-list character. And even if she did have more popularity, she has never been referenced before in the MCU as someone the audience should be looking out for.


The second reason is, Agnes has already been hinted at as being someone we shouldn’t trust. Since the first episode Agnes has always seemed to have more knowledge than most. Especially in a reality where Wanda controls everybody there. So when the reveal happened– in Agnes’ house no less, it left me uttering a barely audible “oh…”


And lastly, the reason the reveal was underwhelming was because the previous reveals packed a bigger punch. When it comes the television format, audiences expect huge reveals every week. Or at the very least, surprising or interesting narrative developments. This was something ‘WandaVision’ had excelled at at every turn. But while this last episode certainly marks a new direction for the show, it wasn’t surprising in the least. And had actually been a reveal long speculated by the fans.


And besides the lackluster presentation of the reveal, another thing that was questionable was the nature of it. While many have assumed Agnes had some larger role to play in this story, with many assuming her to be Mephisto. The idea that Agnes is behind everything severely makes the show less interesting. If that reveal is assumed to be taken seriously at face value that is…

A big appeal of the show was that it was depicting Wanda’s dissention into madness. Wrestling with her own morality she attempts bring a sense of closure to her life. Through the losses she suffered thus far in the MCU, it was understandable she would fall victim to her current state. But if this is all just under the influence of an external character. And Wanda is simply being manipulated. It changes the context of her struggles and diminishes her internal turmoil. For now we don’t know the extent of Agnes’ influence, but I hope it ends up being minimal so Wanda’s journey is that much more personal. Because if my theory is correct, Wanda will end up being the villain of ‘Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness’. And if all this isn’t her fault, it will already make her a less compelling villain.

Overall I thought the episode was great. Continuing the normal hijinks of the previous episode, except in a new era, I found it be really fun. But it was just that last button the fell flat. I’m still very much interested in the direction of the show. I think Marvel really hit gold with something as creative as this, but I just hope they can keep the ball rolling for episodes to come.

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