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‘Uncharted’ Movie Loses Yet Another Director



Earlier this year, Sony announced that 10 Cloverfield Lane Director Dan Trachtenberg was going to tackle the long gestated Uncharted movie, based on the popular PlayStation video game series.

The film has saw numerous setbacks since it began development in 2008 and now it’s hit another snag as Trachtenberg is the latest in a long line of directors to exit the project. Trachtenberg joins the likes of David O. Russell, Seth Gordon and Shawn Levy who have all left during the film’s decade long struggle to reach the big screen.

Spider-Man: Far From Home actor Tom Holland is still attached to star as the young Nathan Drake, but I feel by the time we get to see this film on-screen he’ll be the age range to play the Nathan Drake we’re more accustomed to.

There’s no indication by Deadline as to why Trachtenberg left the film, but perhaps the old creative differences chestnut has reared its ugly head once again. Sony however, are confident in getting another filmmaker on-board before the end of summer, as production is still scheduled for next year.

Will this film ever see light of day? I do not know.


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