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‘Tomb Raider’ Sequel Greenlit By Warner Bros & MGM



Her Legend Continues

The first Tomb Raider film debuted back in 2018 but without a sequel in the works. Now, according to Deadline, Tomb Raider has found a new writer -Amy Jumper (Free Fire, High-Rise)- to scribe the untitled sequel. Alicia Vikander sounds quite impressed with what Jumper has done with the script.

The first film grossed an estimated $274 Million worldwide. So the excitement of seeing Alicia reprise her role again should garner more interest this time around. But where and how will her story continue still remains in question?

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

What The Fans Want

This is great news, considering the fans have been supporting the first film and calling for a sequel. Now, the new writer can continue the established lore and development that Lara has already made from the first film. Add that they can mix elements from the rebooted video games by Square Enix, and Jumper should have a plethora to work with.

The Untitled Sequel will be produced by GK Films (Bohemian Rhapsody) which produced the first film. With the team adding another female writer a second time around, Lara looks to be in great hands once again. There’s no release date or director attached to this project. Stay tuned for more news as information gets released.

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft