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The Star Wars Saga Deserves A Legacy Trailer



Star Wars

If you’re a fan like me, then you’re well aware that the Star Wars Space Opera is coming to a close in a few weeks. And I know that Star Wars has always been about the larger Universe in a Galaxy far, far, away. But with the filmography, the main storyline has always been about the Skywalker Lineage and it makes sense. It’s about family and real human emotions that lead us into temptation and betrayal. The Saga shows just how important the choices we make each day in our lives are and how they dictate our decisions.

Having the main Antagonist actually be responsible for creating the Protagonist was something not done in Hollywood yet. But in real life, that happens more often than one would think. So growing up with a Pop-Culture phenome that would become Star Wars, being able to relate to something like that was exciting. I grew up in the Prequel Era. And yes, Phantom Menance is an odd chapter in an otherwise great Saga. But that was my first introduction to the Star Wars I would grow to love.

The Final Chapter

So here we are. Episode nine has been dubbed “The Rise Of Skywalker“. If the first three chapters were about “The Fall Of Skywalker”, then the Original Trilogy was “The Return Of Skywalker”. And that’s important when you realize just how pivotal the Skywalker bloodline plays in the entire series itself. Kylo Ren, or Ben Solo son of Han Solo & Leia Organa, is the last Male Heir of the Skywalker Legacy. It started with Anakin Skywalker and was then passed on to Luke & Leia.

The question still remains: Who is Rey related to? Or better yet, how does she fit into what is, otherwise, a story about one family? I have theories that involve Luke’s right hand and clones, but who really knows? What I do know is that this entire Saga has become a part of my life for the better. So I thought it deserved a Legacy Trailer that I haven’t seen anyone try. A trailer that focuses on the Skywalker Legacy. Because, after all, that’s what this main story has been about. The chosen one.

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