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The Reel In Motion Podcast Episode: 067



This week, we gathered some prominent figures in the Snyder Cut fandom that share their insight about the knowledge they know.

The Guests

Sheraz Farooqi: The co-founder of Comic Book Debate, Writer for Newsweek, THR, Rotten Tomatoes, and Screen Rant. He’s been a guest speaker for BBC News and other media outlets.

Dave Pena: Aka The Film Junkee A staple in the Snyder cut fandom. The man has a legion of loyal followers and has made a name for himself for his straight talk and unbiased opinion on some of the most hard-hitting topics in the fandom.

Stephen M. Colbert: Co-host of Batman v Superman By The Minute and Writer for Screen Rant where he’s written some of our favorite and controversial pieces regarding the Snyder cut and the DCEU in general.

Chris Wong-Swenson: From PingPongFlix, the man is instrumental at spreading the word and has been a beacon of hope since day one with his optimistic views and his undying loyalty to the movement, which is on full display with his daily updates via his YouTube channel.

The Discussion

We have gathered some of the most influential voices in the fandom to discuss the current state of said fandom and the now-imminent release of Zacks Snyder’s Justice League. What does it mean to the fans and us in general?

We will also discuss all the things that have transpired in the Release The Snyder Cut movement up to this moment. What will this release mean to the DCEU as a whole, can this movie be the engine to get the DCEU restarted once again in with the initial plan again, will their streaming service the platform that will serve as the new home for the original slate?

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We genuinely care about the topics and discussions involving Film and other properties and attempt to adhere to etiquette. And like all things involved with love, sometimes we just get passionate. Music for the Intro and Outro is composed by Gangstarr – ‘Above The Clouds’. All the music composition during the show is arraigned by John and assorted by the topics and discussions. Thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy our latest Episode.

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