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The Reel In Motion Podcast Episode: 049



This week, the guys discuss the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag trending worldwide, the new Cyborg image Zack shared, how much Snyder footage is actually in Justice League, Joker details, and more…

  • The Twitter Moment for the Snyder Cut fandom
  • What the Cyborg image could mean
  • Breaking down what was Snyder footage v Whedon footage in Justice League
  • Debunking those Birds Of Prey Rumors and talking facts
  • BvS Trailer #1 & BvS Trailer #2
  • The Man of Steel sequel that never was
  • Plus More

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We genuinely care about the topics and discussions involving Film and other properties and attempt to adhere to etiquette. And like all things involved with love, sometimes we just get passionate. Music for the Intro and Outro is composed by Gangstarr – ‘Above The Clouds’. All the music composition during the show is arraigned by John and assorted by the topics and discussions. Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy our latest Episode.

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