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The Mandalorian Chapter 14 “The Tragedy”: Best Episode Yet – Review



I love this show! 


With only two episodes of this season left, The Mandalorian is looking to go out with a bang! Coming to us from legendary filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, he brings us one of the best episodes of the show thus far. And if you were worried about the short runtime, he made sure to alleviate those concerns by giving us one of the most action packed episodes yet, promising of an unforgettable season finale.


After last weeks Ashoka centric episode, Mando continues his journey to finding a Jedi to train “Grogu” (Baby Yoda, remember him?). This leads him to planet of Tython, where Mando puts Grogu on a seeing stone to potentially commune with other force users in the galaxy so they can find him. And while Grogu is reaching out through the force, that’s when the bantha crap hits the fan. Following Mando on his tail is a little ship called the “Slave One” and if you’re a Star Wars fan, you know what that means. The return of Boba Fett! Boba Fett is back and he’s angry. And more importantly he wants his armor back. But before he can arrange a deal with Mando, Moff Gideon arrives and sends his Dark Troopers to receive “the child”!


If you’ve been a fan of Star Wars for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard people say Boba Fett is overrated. And while I will concede he went out like a punk in Return of The Jedi. I’ve always said that it would be easy to make the character cool. Look no further than Darth Maul. And man, did Favreau do just that. You can tell that he couldn’t wait to get his hands on him. And if we’re being honest, The Mandalorian was just an excuse to make a Boba Fett series without actually having Boba Fett as the main character. Jon Favreau said as much.

“We all loved Boba Fett, but we never got as much of him as we all wanted. He came to unceremonious and in ‘Return of the Jedi.’ We wanted somebody that could kind of live up to what we had hoped to see when we were younger.”

With James Mangold set to direct a Boba Fett film at one time there was probably a conflict of interest. But I think it’s safe to say that’s water under the bridge now. Plus with the rumors of a potential Boba Fett spinoff, maybe they’ll give it the Obi-Wan treatment and just convert the original scripts into a series. But that’s besides the point, Boba Fett is back and he is as awesome as you’d hoped!

I’m glad Favreau finally put some respect on Boba Fett’s name! And I’m thrilled Robert Rodriguez was the one to bring him back to life. The fight scenes were fantastic. With all the different Mandalorians appearing, you wonder how they’re gonna differentiate them from each other. But the second Boba Fett goes into action, you realize exactly what kind of Mandalorian he is. A brawler. He looked mean and ruthless. He looked like a man who was stuck inside a Sarlacc and is out for vengeance. From whipping Stormtrooper butt with the gaffi stick to finally getting to dawn the armor, he was on another level. Dad bod and all, Robert Rodriguez really knows how to make a man look badass.


While Mando and his buddies are fending off the “Empire”, Grogu is meditating through the force. Sitting on a “Seeing stone”, it lights up with blue Aurebesh letters around it and shoots up a beam into the sky. If you’ve played Jedi Fallen Order, those inscriptions probably looked familiar.

Although we don’t get to see Grogu talk with anyone, we can only hope he was able to communicate with someone. But thanks to some Dark Troopers Grogu was kidnapped and taken to Moff Gideon’s ship and held inside a holding cell. When Moff Gideon goes to greet his prisoner, Grogu is seen force choking stormtroopers, and throwing them around like ragdolls.

As it turns out, Ahsoka’s fears we well founded. It’s apparent that Grogu was definitely tapping into the dark side of the force, because force choking is primarily seen as a dark side ability. Besides Vader, Luke also use that ability on Gamorean Guards in Return of the Jedi, and by the end of movie he felt himself slipping deeper into the dark side. Which is no coincidence. And leaves us to wonder if Grogu might go down a similar path…


Brandishing his saber, Gideon taunts his newly captured specimen, insinuating he’s not ready to wield a weapon like that. And then he tells an officer to alert Dr. Pershing that they found their donor. This further confirms that Grogu is being used because of his high midichlorian count. But it also implies Moff Gideon has more plans for Grogu.

Watching Grogu whip around those Troopers, Gideon wore a sadistic smile across his face. And since we know Grogu does have fear in his heart as Ahsoka said, maybe Gideon will manipulate that to turn him to the dark side.


The episode concludes with Grogu in the hands of the empire, Mando without a ship (#RIPRazorCrest), and a new alliance between Boba Fett, Fenneck Shan, and Mando himself! The stage has been set, and I cannot wait to see what happens. Judging based off the characters we’ve come across this season thus far, it makes sense that Mando might run into Bo Katan again. With them both being on the hunt for Gideon, they both have a common enemy. Also I wouldn’t be surprised to see an alliance between Mando, Bo Katan, and Boba Fett!


This is the first time I could confidently say that I absolutely love this show. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always really enjoyed it, but this episode had a different energy and truly felt cinematic.. And that’s no coincidence. With Robert Rodriguez behind the camera, he added is unique visual flair, making him a front runner for a series of his own. Rodriguez even mentioned that the script was much shorter than the actual runtime. So you can thank him for the action set pieces that we got to witness.

“The script was, like, 19 pages so that suggests 19 minutes. I added a lot of action to this [episode]. I even asked Jon, I said, ‘Is it okay that my script is only 19 pages? Because I cut really fast and it’s probably going to end up being 16 minutes. Do we need to add more pages?’ and he goes, ‘No, that’s what you’re here for! You need to fill that out.’ I said, ‘Oh, okay, I’ll try and make that battle longer.’ So that’s where that extra battle came from.”

Another great thing about this episode is that it combined the Star Wars trifecta. Which is something I came up with when gauging a great Star Wars property. For Star Wars to be at it’s best, it has to incorporate everything that makes it so unique and great. Which is the underworld, the war, and the lore. The Mandalorian was never gonna be Star Wars at its best if it just focused on bounty hunters. And that doesn’t seem to be the case, because as the season goes on, the implications of this show grow larger and larger. And with that the stakes. I’m delighted that Favreau is bringing it all together because this episode was just a taste of the greatness that’s ahead!

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