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The Great Depression Of DC Films Is Over

The Waltz Looking back at the year 2018 for any DC Films fan hasn’t been the easiest, let alone the greatest. And really, why would it? I mean besides the gross mishandling of Justice League, and I don’t know, the fact that we haven’t had a real film since June of 2017. I guess the […]



The Waltz

Looking back at the year 2018 for any DC Films fan hasn’t been the easiest, let alone the greatest. And really, why would it? I mean besides the gross mishandling of Justice League, and I don’t know, the fact that we haven’t had a real film since June of 2017. I guess the only real reason they haven’t announced anything for The Batman is, they think it would be too-on-the-nose.

No, but really, thinking about the past 13 months is, for lack of a better word, disgusting. We have had nothing but rumors and meaningless chatter about cast members and director visions. But nothing about the real information that we’ve wanted to hear about. Will Ben Affleck return to play the caped crusader again? Is Henry Cavill done with Superman? Will the Snyder Cut of Justice League get released?

The Gordian Knot

When you think of the story of Alexander of Macedonia, or, Alexander The Great as you know him, it relates to Warner Bros. even more now. All of their prior films since 2013 all had amazing box office numbers but they weren’t satisfied with that. They wanted more to conquer while maintaining the figures they already had. But, how do they keep the loyal fans of the previous films while gaining new ones? That was the dilemma. The problem they couldn’t fix. Should they continue to keep at it, trying their best to figure out how to gain market share? Or do they try what worked for other films?

But when Justice league was given the opportunity to completely overhaul the original director’s vision, the studio leaped at the chance. They brought Joss Whedon in to cut the proverbial knot that was Justice League. He was the Redeemer. The person Geoff Johns and Jon Berg wanted to bring in, ever before Zack had stepped down, allegedly. He saw the film and decided he would just hack at it to solve the problem he was brought in to mitigate.

The Curator

Now, some bloggers insist that it never happened. But I believe its the action, perfectly in keeping with a king who was also a psychopathic killer. Oh wait, we’re talking about Justice League. We all know that Zack Snyder’s name shouldn’t have anything to do with the film that was released in theaters. We also know that somewhere, in a deep and dark mausoleum, rests the original version of Justice League dubbed ‘The Snyder Cut’.

For me, it’s the culmination of 13 months curating what went wrong in Justice League. It’s a triumph. I’m here to help convince everyone that the film is a fake. The real one is somewhere else. Warner Bros. took something that didn’t belong to them. They should know that stealing is not polite.

Did You Get It?

Ya know, with those reshoots and whoever was in charge of approving them, 9 out of 10 fans would let Warner Bros get away with it. If you’re guessing I’m the 10th, you’d be mistaken. Maybe I was the first to see through that ‘its-still-zacks-movie’ act, but they didn’t know me. So I made sure they didn’t forget it. And in doing so, was able to keep me occupied during the past 13 months.

But what I noticed was that Aquaman was going to be followed by Shazam, and then Joker. We weren’t going to be forced to wait another year before a DC Film was going to be released. There was no behind the scenes drama overshadowing the original film. And we could see that James Wan was able to make his own film the way he wanted. Zack Snyder even saw a rough cut and gave him his blessing.

Yeah We Got It

With Aquaman looking to become the highest grossing film in the DC Films Universe, things are finally starting to settle. Birds of Prey begins production next month, January. Wonder Woman 84 has wrapped up its production. The people that were responsible for annihilating Justice League are no longer affiliated with the future DC Films. All the while, most of the DC Fandom just wants to see well made, director-driven films. And the Snyder Cut.

Someone asked me if Aquaman being a success, meant that all future films would follow in its tone. But if we look at the next few films, WW84 was already shooting before Aquaman was a success. So was Shazam. Birds Of Prey and Joker are both R-Rated features, so no matter the influence, the same tone it will not be.

We Made It

Realistically, that leaves zero films in production to have ANY kind of effect from the Aquaman success, billion dollars or not. So be happy that we made it through this tough time as a DC Fan. Be appreciative that BECAUSE of Aquaman being successful, that the studio interference will likely be minimal on all future films in current production. Let’s start 2019 looking forward to Shazam and Joker because it’s been too long since this many films have been this close to release.

And also celebrate the new year by showing love to Zacks legacy living on. He was never going to direct a film after Justice League for a few years anyway. So why not embrace other directors getting the opportunity to show their skills? No one is going to make a Zack Snyder film except him, so I say take it easy on the other directors in the Universe. They can’t and shouldn’t try to emulate him. That’s no different from the Marvel Formula having one singular vision. At least with DC Films, we can be proud of all the films being unique and still connecting. That is, of course, once the Snyder Cut comes out. Happy 2019!

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