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‘The Boys’ Season Two Will Premiere September 4th With A Caveat



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If you thought Season 1 of The Boys was wild and unpredictable, Season 2 looks like it’s continuing that style. In a chat with Patton Oswalt, The Boys crew answered questions about the upcoming season and did some teasing. We found out that there’s more blood and mayhem to look forward to. We even got introduced to the new additional member of The Seven, Stormfront.

While it’s safe to say Homelander was the villain in season 1, it appears Stormfront may offer a different side to villainy. Aya Cash is the new addition and will be a major influencer in the series. But we were also treated with the first 3 minutes of the show, highlighting Black Noir. And if those 3 minutes are any indication, Season 2 of The Boys is going to be ‘F***king Diabolical‘ x’s 10.

The Caveat

Season 1 debuted July of 2019, making it feel like a summer-release type series. With COVID-19 taking shape earlier this year, things might have prevented another July 2020 release for Season 2. Instead of July, The Boys will be premiering September 4th and with a surprisingly new feature for a show on Amazon Prime. The first 3 episodes will be available to binge-watch on September 4th. However, the next 5 episodes will debut on a weekly scheduled release.

Breaking the norm from last year, this might become the new way to grab audiences and maintain a presence for longer than a few weeks. Netflix has been known to release their original series’ episodes all at once, and Amazon followed suit. But now, it appears Amazon may be creating a hybrid of sorts to help maintain subscribers’ interest. By releasing on a weekly basis, the online presence maintains for a longer period of time without spoilers. Here’s to another wild Season!

The Boys Season 2 debuts the first 3 Episodes on September 4th, 2020 on Amazon Prime.

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