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That Bucky Moment Is Great, But It Could Be Better



Falcon and the Winter Soldier seems to be another hit for Disney plus. And deservedly so. Harkening back to the tone of the MCU fan favorite, Captain America The Winter Soldier, the show is tackling more serious issues. And that should be applauded. Marvel isn’t one to take risks, so when they do, it’s doubly exciting. And if that final moment in last episode is any indication of where the series is headed, we’re in for something special. But there’s also another moment that got people talking, and it happens in the beginning of the episode. It picks up after the conclusion of episode 3 where Bucky reunites with Ayo. The second in command to Okoye in the Dora Milaje. Her reveal was intriguing and it set up a lot of questions. And in the next episode we got them answered.







Episode 4 began with a flashback with Bucky on Wakanda. Ayo is reciting the trigger words that have been known to force him to succumb to the will of Hydra. But in this emotionally taxing moment, during the reading of these words- words that once spelled death and fear, no longer had any bearing on him. When Ayo finished reciting, Bucky wept, feeling something he hasn’t felt in a long time…


In isolation this is a great scene. Sebastian Stan’s acting is so earnest and subdued, and the scene in general truly feels the weight of the moment. It’s beautiful. But a part of me feels it could’ve been better. And by better, I’m not so much talking about the scene, but where it was placed.

Putting it at the beginning of the episode was an odd choice because we had nothing to go off of. It felt like we were dropped in the middle of a moment that felt like the culmination of a revelation, but without the journey leading up to it.

And I’m guessing the point of the scene was to show the relationship and history between Ayo and Bucky, but I think any other scene could’ve done that. Their current meeting didn’t match the emotional intensity of the flashback. And I don’t want it to feel like I’m fishing for something to complain about in an otherwise good show. Because it is good. But I found the scene to be so strong, that if placed in another moment, it would’ve had a much harder impact.

Bucky Barnes (Falcon and the Winter Soldier S1:E4

As of now, Bucky is still wrestling with the mistakes of his past, which include murdering the son of a now dear friend, Yori. I feel like this flashback scene would’ve done wonders if it coincided in an emotional scene between Bucky and Yori. A moment where Bucky’s guilt overcomes him and he feels the need to confess his sins to Yori, and in doing so, Yori forgives him, once again teaching Bucky the lesson that forgiveness brings freedom. And that lesson coupled with the flashback with Ayo would’ve meant so much and been so cathartic. Not just for Bucky, but for the audience watching.

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