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Terminator 6: Behind The Scenes Video Offers First Look At Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton & Co



Since the release of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, a sci-fi masterpiece and undoubtedly the best film in the Terminator series, followed by original, the franchise hasn’t reached its early potential.

Rise of the Machines and Genisys tried to re-capture the magic of earlier films, but despite their best attempts they never managed to pull it off.  Salvation was different, it was ambitious and tried something different with a more serious tone and not being scared of taking risks, even if they didn’t pay off.

I thought it was a good action movie, and if it wasn’t part of the Terminator franchise it probably wouldn’t be as underrated.

All eyes are now on Deadpool director Tim Miller, who’s aim is to get the franchise back on the right track with its sixth outing. And Miller may just do that.

Unlike previous films, Miller has two of the key ingredients which made the series what it was, Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back for the fifth time and the return of Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Conner after 18 years away.

There has been rumours floating around that Arnold is playing a role different from the one we’re used to. According to reports he is playing a human who physicality is used as the foundation of Skynet’s most famous killing machine the T-800.

Now a new behind the scenes video has made its way online, which seemingly confirms Arnold’s new role and along for the ride is a four-legged companion. There is some pretty interesting stuff in the clip, check it out below:

Joining Hamilton and Schwarzenegger are Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, Natalia Reyes and Diego Boneta.

The untitled Terminator sequel will hit screens November 1st 2019.

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