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‘Swamp Thing’ Review — DC Delivers Some Horror Goods



The DC Universe has so far provided us with the dark and moody Titans, the beloved return of Young Justice and then the weird and wonderful Doom Patrol, now the streaming services next offering is Swamp Thing.

When the show was originally announced, I scoffed at it. To be fair, each previous adaptation of the property was, well—not so good. Then there was the whole issue with production being abruptly halted after filming 10 episodes—after the series was originally-ordered for 13 episodes. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this.

But after watching the first two episodes (the second still under embargo) my opinion swiftly changed. This isn’t your normal superhero show, Swamp Thing is a horror and this is backed up with some of the genre’s finest working on the show, with Conjuring Universe writer Gary Dauberman as showrunner (alongside Mark Verheiden) and Saw, Insidious and Conjuring director James Wan as executive producer. Underworld’s Len Weisman directed the pilot.

The first episode introduces us to the Centre of Disease Control virologists Dr Abigail Arcane (Crystal Reed) who after years away, returns to her hometown of Marais to investigate an outbreak that threatens the lives of the locals. The show manages to establish Abby’s past, going down the usual tragic troupe. After experiencing the horrors of the swamp, she meets Alec Holland (Andy Bean) a biologist who is also trying to get to the bottom of the outbreak.

Alec Holland (Andy Bean) and Abigail Arcane (Crystal Reed)

There’s obviously going to be a love story plot throughout the season, I’m not sure I’m on-board with that just yet though. We only get a glimpse of Swamp Thing near the end episode, but the practical effects used to bring the characters to life are brilliant. Some of the other practical stuff will make some viewers stomachs churn as they don’t hold back on the gruesomeness. Sure they use CGI, but it’s the practical stuff I get the most enjoyment from.

Derek Mears plays Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing shows a lot of promise, it’s different from the rest of the comic book shows currently airing. It’s bloody, it’s got lots of gore, and has some really interesting characters that I look forward to see develop down the line. If it keeps to its horror roots and explores the weird and wonderful, Warner Bros and DC will have another hit on its hands.

Watch the new trailer here

Swamp Thing premieres May 31st on The DC Universe.

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