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Sony Could Fix Their Spider-Man Problem With One Director: Zack Snyder



Sony Studios

If you haven’t heard, Disney and Sony have fallen out of love with each other. I’ll get into what that might mean for the potential of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a bit, but first, hear me out. I know Tom Holland has 2 films still under contract to oblige to. But the same can be said for Henry Cavill and his Superman contract of one more film. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean they have to MAKE those films. The contract is there for IF a film gets made, they have the job already. But what happens when Sony takes their character back? The plot thickens.

Disney is a business first studio, like most. And my speculation is that they must have had some back door clauses. An addendum that would prevent Sony from simply ending their tenure with Disney without repercussions at any time. What if Disney told Sony they could make their own films independent of Marvel Studios but would have to find a different actor and director? That would be a nice way of making sure they don’t take what worked for Marvel and just abandon ship. The checks and balances from both studios would be at play there because they both need each other to create any Spider-Man film. Remember, Marvel was the one who hired Tom Holland and I’m guessing was involved in the contract negotiations. So, should Sony depart Marvel Studios, they would have to start from scratch.

The Outrage

If you haven’t been on Twitter lately, the children have run rampant. A hashtag #BoycottSony was created and the fallout from the news in just 24 hours was insane. But, like children throwing a tantrum over something they don’t fully understand, so, too, did some Marvel fans. Imagine being upset at a company because they didn’t want to renegotiate the profit each studio was entitled to make. Instead of the 5% profit that Disney was getting from the previous two Spider-Man films, they wanted to increase their share to 50% on the next film. That’s a massive difference. No Spider-Man film will ever hit $2 Billion at the box office like Endgame, even if Feige directed it himself (since he uses god-like power to create wine from water). Sony could keep 100% of the entire $700 Million plus profit earned when they release their next Spider-Man film on their own. Or they could HOPE Marvel makes the 3rd Spider-Man film earn $1.5 Billion JUST to cross $700 Million earned. ShamWOW!

The real outrage should be with Disney and how they think they could just drastically change their profit shares without Sony caring. I’ll give it to the Mouse Club, they got balls. Owning about 33% market share for films being released every year should give anyone a boost in confidence. But anyone with business sense would say Disney overplayed their idiotic offer. Add that Disney is being hit with an SEC claim that they’ve been cooking their books in profit earned, and things become thick-milky. But with outrage culture taking everything over on social media, its clear what’s going to happen next. Any association from Sony and Spider-Man will be demonized by Marvel fans because Spider-Man can’t be Marvels next Iron Man replacement. You can guarantee that critics will stick it to any Spider-Man film that doesn’t have ‘Marvel Studios’ attached to it. Le Sigh.

What’s Next?

In an era of Comic Book Movies seemingly coming out every other month now, things need to change. And fast. But how? We already know that ANY Spider-Man film that Sony releases will be hit with a backlash most DC fans are familiar with. Speaking of, it was sorta nice to look at fans lose their minds over a studios decision to end things. I digress. Spider-Man leaving the MCU means I won’t have to worry about cringing every time Peter says “Mr. Stark”. Venom 2 has already reached PEAK attention from me. Sony not only hired Andy Serkis to direct but also added Robert Richardson (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Kill Bill) for the films Director of Photography. And this is coming from someone who only saw Venom once. If you can’t tell, my excitement level is sky high now. And given that we’ll most likely have Venom AND Carnage in a potential R-Rated film means it’ll be geared towards Adults. And I like that.

But that leads me to my next question: How does Spider-Man fit into this equation? If Sony went the route of a more gritty take on Venom and that world, one would assume their version of Spider-Man would need to be gritty as well. So why not introduce Spider-Man at the end of Venom 2? He doesn’t have to be a continuation of any previous version or be involved with the Avengers. You could highlight how this version differentiates from any previous version by the resurgence of Venom now being seen in public. You also get to draw the mainstream audience in with Spider-Man and show that this isn’t the high school Peter Parker. This Parker has been doing this for a while and after the heavy loss and toll it’s taken on him, retired and left the superhero business for the next generation. I think you see where I’m going with this, right?

Zack Snyder

What if Sony isn’t allowed to use Tom Holland in their next Spider-Man film? That wouldn’t be the worst thing for me. But how does Zack fit into all of this now? Jon Watts, the director of the previous Spider-Man film, isn’t signed on for any future film. And Zack has done this before. He’s the director who gave us an incredible and realistic Superman in two films (Man of Steel & Batman v Superman) after a failed attempt back in 2006. And he also gave us one the best Batman portrayal I’ve ever seen (I’ve seen them all since I’m a massive Batman fan). Zack recently said that his favorite Spider-Man film was Spider-Man 2 with Tobey McGuire. It’s like divine providence that he was asked about a Spider-Man film instead of a Justice League Snyder Cut questions. But that would also indicate that he’s watched several, if not all of the Spider-Man films since they began in 2002. And what’s something we’ve never seen from a Spider-Man film? An older veteran version of the Web-Slinger with experience. Where have we seen something like that? Oh yeah, Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Zack would be able to not only give us that story of a retired Spider-Man but also use Venom and Venom 2 as the catalyst for Spider-Man coming out of retirement. They could even go the Miles Morales route and utilize his origin story so the film doesn’t feel like a rehash of a story already done several times now. Parker could take Morales under his wing and see how everything unfolds with two Spider-Men in the same film. I feel like I don’t need to mention the type of visuals that Snyder would bring to the series but I’m inclined to do so. The visionary director would be able to step back into the Comic Book world but WITHOUT Warner Bros OR Marvel/Disney looking over his shoulder. If a major studio would be the place to allow Zack freedom, it would be Sony. Who knows if Sony HAS to use Tom Holland for their next Spider-Man film? I haven’t enjoyed Hollands portrayal and haven’t even bothered with the Marvel Spider-Man films. Yes, I am biased. I think Zack Snyder would make an incredible, adult-oriented Spider-Man film. But in an era of over-saturated comic book movies every other month, isn’t it time to see something different? With Zack helming a new iteration of Spider-Man and Sony making the controversial decision to leave Marvel Studios, it’s almost like a match made in whatever you believe is Heaven.

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