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‘She-Hulk’ and ‘Moon Knight’ Live Action TV Series Coming To Disney+



On the back of the exciting news that Ms. Marvel is coming to Disney+, Kevin Feige announced that both She-Hulk and Moon Knight would also be joining Disney’s new streaming platform in the near future.

It’s all in the name, but for those of you who don’t know, She-Hulk is another green rage monster. Jennifer Walters is a mild-mannered lawyer, who can turn into She-Hulk during times of stress. Jennifer is the cousin of Bruce Banner, from whom she received her powers from. In the comics, Jennifer was shot by Nicholas Trask, and the only one who shared her blood type was Banner, who provided her with a blood transfusion, giving her the power to transform into She-Hulk.

Despite drawing comparison to Batman a lot of the time, Moon Knight differs by the fact he kills, has supernatural Egyptian powers and suffers from an multiple personality disorder. His alter ego is Marc Spector, a former US Marine who stumbles upon an ancient tomb after being left for dead, who gains his powers after being possessed by the Egyptian moon God, Khonshu. With his new abilities Spector takes on mercanaries and other baddies.

Bar the news both projects are in active development at Marvel, no release dates, showrunners or casting information has been revealed.

Disney+ keeps getting better, it’s only downfall is that there’s no exact UK release date for the service.

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