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Rotten Tomatoes Revamps Their Audience Ratings



As an adult there are a few things you don’t do, never spend money you don’t have, never speak on something you’re not sure about and never ask a lady her age;  I mean never.

However, it seems that these logical ways of thinking do not apply to movies. Since the inception of Rotten Tomatoes, it had allowed users to rate a movie without seeing a single frame. Case and point, prior to the release of Captain Marvel this year, it was a victim of review bombing, if you’re a gamer you are already familiar with the term.

Now, I am not defending the quality of the movie, I for one have not seen Captain Marvel, nor can I speak on the quality of it, but merely stating the unfair practice by those purposely trying to set their agenda before the product is even out, by creating a cloud of negativity that furthers their narrative and eventually cast a negative shadow over movies you’re excited about.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is a movie that I’m extremely excited about however, it’s not due for release until December and it’s already showing symptoms of this unfair practice.

However, this all changed the past week, when Rotten Tomatoes overhauled their Audience Rating System, which now requires the user to prove they bought a ticket to see the film before the site verifies their rating. Another change made by the site was removing the ‘Want to See’ as it seems to have created confusion when the user attempted to show interest/disinterest for a movie and wrongfully submit them as a user rating.

Rotten Tomatoes release a statement via their blog site:

“At Rotten Tomatoes, we’re always working to make our recommendation tools the most useful they can be for movie and TV fans. Today, we’re releasing some enhancements to our Audience Score, which we started revamping earlier this year.,”

The changes are being rolled out to those who purchased their tickets via the Fandango and a list of others who are joining the effort to eradicate this unfair practice.

“At launch, users can verify ticket purchases through Fandango; AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark have signed up to participate in our verification program, and we plan to introduce other ticket providers as well.”

The site stated that this is the first of the many changes to come to provide a better user experience and more accurate account of movie reviews.

Do you think this satisfies the masses and eventually eliminate the need for verified movie reviewers? Only time will tell.

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