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Rocky Prequel Series Being Developed By Sylvester Stallone!



If you’ve been following Sylvester Stallone on Instagram for quite some time. Which I have. You’d come to know him as 70’s/80’s the action star with a heart of Gold. With frequent posts of his current passion projects, golfing escapades, and hijinks with his three 3 daughters, “Sly Stallone”, is even more lovable than you thought. And just this morning, fans of his were treated to something pretty special. A ROCKY PREQUEL series pitch!

This is the first time we’re hearing about this Rocky Prequel series by Stallone, so information is sparse. But from what I read, it sounds amazing. Stallone has two posts, detailing what the series would deal with and even outlined a suto script on what we could expect.

In the outline, Stallone talks about the series as if it’s a “time machine” that will transport us back to the 60s and how that era will be the backdrop for this series. He explains how that all encompassing and complicated time period, that dealt with the moon landing, sexual awakening, and hippie movement, would influence the story of a simple man like Rocky Balboa.

Stallone also shared how the series would be about 10 episodes long and a few seasons. And would dive into characters we know. Such as Adrian, her bother, Paulie, and the loan-shark, Tony. The series would dive into the younger years before Rocky became a “somebody”. We’d see his early relationship with Adrian, how he came to know Micky, and how he fell in love with boxing. There’s even a scene where Rocky is watching Apollo Creed fight!

All of it just sounds amazing. And though, there isn’t a lot of information to go off of. You can tell that Stallone had been thinking about this for some time. And if these are the ideas he’s come up with on a random Tuesday morning, I wonder what else he has in store.

We don’t know if this will happen. This certainly isn’t the first time Stallone has come up with another idea around one of his classic characters. In 2019, Stallone pitched a Rocky story that would explore Rocky training an illegal immigrant in Mexico. And while we don’t know how far that got developed, he admitted it would “never happen”.

But with this prequel series he pitched, he said in his post that “MGM is excited”, hinting that the studio is well aware of this series and may even be green lit. Either way, it’s awesome to see Stallone continuing to get his creative juices flowing. Especially on a passion project like this with a character that is near and dear to many people’s hearts.

This isn’t the only Rocky related thing that Stallone is working on either. He’s been hard at work developing a directors cut for Rocky IV. That should be coming out soon. But in the meantime, I truly hope this sees the light of day, because it sounds amazing. And when I read it, I will admit, I might’ve gotten a bit teary eyed. The Rocky films have been a childhood favorite of mine for as long as I could remember, and having Rocky himself revisit that world, with fresh eyes and a new perspective feels like a recipe for something truly special.

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