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Review: ‘The Woman in the Window’ – A Muddled Mystery



After a delayed released and some re-shoots, The Woman in the Window is finally here, and well, it’s quite the disappointment. Based on the bestselling novel, The Woman in the Window follows Dr Anna Fox (Amy Adams), a psychologist who has developed agoraphobia after a past trauma. Unable to leave her home, she spends her time watching movies, drinking wine with her medications, and keeping tabs on her neighbours. But when the mysterious Russell’s move into the apartment across from her, Anna witnesses a murder in their house and has to prove the crime while her sanity is being questioned. The premise has the makings for a great crime thriller, but the movie, unfortunately, ends up being disjointed and sloppy.

Amy Adam’s is solid as always, but she isn’t given a lot to work with. The unreliable-narrator aspect of the story – which could have been intriguing – becomes ineffective because the characters and situations are so poorly realized. Anna’s trauma, substance abuse and agoraphobia just feel mishandled and rushed. And all the other cast members sadly have limited screen time with mostly expositional dialogue. A lot of the interactions just feel unnatural and have clunky dialogue. Ultimately, the characters and the plot never really come together cohesively.

The film moves at an awkward pace, where information and events are just thrown at the viewer without any breathing room or flow. You get the bare-bones idea of what’s going on without much detail or context. Subsequently, all the twists feel cheap and contrived because the set-up is weak or poorly executed. The movie wants to be this stylish, quick-paced thriller. And to its credit, the visuals and camerawork are great. Unfortunately, the movie fails to build proper engagement because the narrative’s plotting is so messy.

The first two acts get by haphazardly, but you’re still left curious about really going on. However, any hopes for an exciting reveal are completely squashed by the finale, where the movie falls apart. The climax has this schlocky, nonsensical turn that feels completely out of place.

The Woman in the Window was a frustrating watch, to say the least. It an interesting premise squandered by poor storytelling and a laughable finale. What should have been suspenseful and intriguing was shockingly muddled and unsatisfying. Sadly, it’s very apparent why this movie kept on getting delayed.