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Reel Anarchy Staff Pick Their Top 10 Best Movies Of 2019



There has been a lot of fantastic movies this year, from box office destroyers such as Avengers: Endgame, to fantastic little indies like The Peanut Butter Falcon. As we reach the end of 2019, the Reel Anarchy team have had time to reflect on the films we’ve seen this year. Like many things, movies are personal, and what’s dear to one of us may not resonate the same way with another.

So we have rounded up our team and each submitted a ranked top 10 movies of 2019 list and said a little something about them, and to determine Reel Anarchy’s collective best movies we will compile all our choices and put them into a list to make our Top 10 films of 2019. The rules are simple, the film must have had a theatrical/streaming release in 2019 to be eligible. 10 points for 1st place, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd, 7 for 4th, and so on and so on. Read to the bottom to find out our overall top ten. Remember all films are subjective. So let’s begin……

Craig Lin (Founder/Editor in Chief)

1 – Joker (10 Points)

The Joker is a MASTERPIECE, it’s a beautiful, dark, intense film which transcends the comic book movie genre. The stunning cinematography & score aids Joaquin Phoenix’s incredible transformation from Arthur, a fragile human to the terrifying, demented, psychopath that the Joker is.

2 – Jojo Rabbit (9 Points)

Taika Waititi is a bloody genius. Jojo Rabbit was incredible. A perfectly balanced satire which is devastating, yet laugh out loud funny and heartfelt. I can’t remember the last time I was in a screening that laughed as much. Roman Griffin Davis & Thomasin McKenzie are terrific. Waititi’s Hitler just topped off such an incredible performance from the whole cast.

3 – The Peanut Butter Falcon (8 Points)

The Peanut Butter Falcon is such a wonderful feel-good film. Shia LaBeouf is tremendous, but the star of the show is the Peanut Butter Falcon himself, Zack Gottsagen!! It’s one hell of a movie with heart and humor.

4 – Knives Out (7 Points)

Knives Out is fantastic. It’s an entertaining, heartwarming & funny whodunnit. The trailers undersell the film. Ana De Armas is a delight, she and Daniel Craig together were brilliant. The entire cast was top drawer! Great story, with lots of twist and turns.

5 – Booksmart (6 Points)

Such a wonderful movie — smart and funny. It’s one of the best comedies in a long time.

6 – Us (5 Points)

Deals with politics, oppression, and our current social climate. It’s wrapped in symbolism and deep meaning. The idea of the doppelgangers being ‘US’, but just our dark reflections is chilling. The film is dark, disturbing and thought-provoking. The performances of the Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright and Evan Alex are splendid, but Lupita Nyong’o is an absolute superstar. Jordan Peele delivers another brilliant film.

7 – Doctor Sleep (4 Points)

This film had me hooked from the start. Ewan McGregor, Kyliegh Curran & Rebecca Ferguson all gave fantastic performances. Everything worked well, from the acting, the story, and the cinematography. It’s a shame people slept on this film (pun intended).

8 – Queen and Slim (3 Points)

A film that is in equal measures, beautiful as it is tragic. A powerful, thought-provoking film that shows the butterfly effect of police brutality. Jodie Turner-Smith & Daniel Kaluuya are incredible together.

9 – Ad Astra (2 Points)

A smart sci-fi adventure. Brad Pitt follows on from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood with another fantastic performance as he voyages through the solar system looking for closure. The cinematography is beautiful. Ad Astra joins the list of great space films over the last decade.

10 – John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (1 Point)

An action-packed two hours of beautifully, insane and bloody choreographed violence. This neon world gets bigger and better. Parabellum for me is the best in the trilogy.

Benjamin Evertz (Co-Founder/News Editor)

1 – Joker (10 Points)
It was a total surprise to see this R rated character study bring one billion dollars in the global box office, but seeing Joaquin Phoenix deliver an incredible, dark and gritty performance was not.
Director Todd Philip created a unique way to portray the clown prince of crime and it paid off in a way that he nor the studio could imagine.

2 – The Irishman (9 Points)
Martin Scorsese has a unique way to tell a mob movie, whether its the way he uses the actor to narrate and simultaneous tell the story on screen or is his ability to make every character interesting, but one thing’s for sure, he was at the top of his game when telling the story of Frank Sheeran In the book adaptation of “I Heard You Paint Houses”. The performance from De Niro, Pacino and Pesci made it an easy watch not only because of the amazing performance but for the sense of nostalgia for this dying genre.

3 – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (8 Points)
Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie delivered some of their best performance in this movie and the entire year in cinema. This love letter to Hollywood’s yesteryears was nothing short of a cinematic delight, from the beautiful shots, the aesthetics, the behind the scenes politics and the always amazing dialogue that only Tarantino can write, this was easily one of the years best movies.

4 – Dolomite Is My Name (7 Points)
Eddie Murphy is making a comeback and this movie has been the perfect starting point, his performance alone was nothing short of brilliant, Eddie embodied the late Rudy Ray Moore’s woes and resilience to make in the entertainment business, at the same time delivering some of his best comedic and dramatic performance in years, this story of perseverance and achieving your dreams should be in the top 10 of everyone’s list.

5 – Marriage Story (6 Points)
This movie submerged me in the middle of the misunderstanding, chaos, hate and the all too real pain that comes with a divorce, this movie did not leave a single thing out, from the difficulties and the pain that you go through, the uncomfortableness that you have to navigate with family members and at the same time dealing with your children and protect them from the issues that come from a marriage that has fallen apart. All these issues were all too real and palpable & beautifully delivered by Scarlet Johanssen and Adam Driver.

6 – Alita: Battle Angel (5 Points)
This reimagining of the classic 1990s Manga was a breath of fresh air in a crowded place filled with superhero movies, it was good to see a super action flick that was not associated with a Marvel or DC character. Alita was a movie with heart, action and the untimed will of a brave young girl; this girl-empowering movie was entertaining and left me wanting more, looking forward to seeing more from this world if we get a sequel.

7 – Avengers: Endgame (4 Points)
Although this movie had many of us divided with a convoluted plot and a silly time travel plan, it was a real task to wrap up over 20 interconnected Marvel movies, however, the movie was entertaining, action pack, a big spectacle, a great farewell to two of the main characters and a somewhat fitting end to the infinity saga.

8 – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (3 Points)
Ahh the always controversial Star Wars movie, if you’re a fan of the franchise you will know that not a single Star Wars movie has gotten an overall approval, not since the invention of the internet at least, and the end to the Skywalker saga was no different, yes the movie had its problem and if you have watched any Star Wars movie you will know that they all have issues, so this is no different, however, I felt that this movie was a satisfying, filled with action, some of the best lightsaber fights, a nice plotline and some of the most heartfelt moment I’ve seen in the Star Wars universe since Padmé died, this felt like it was proper way to end this Skywalker saga and expand on the Star Wars universe

9 – Glass (2 Points)
The much-anticipated sequels to M Night Shyamalan classic Unbreakable and Split was a satisfying sequel with the always delightful end twist.

10 – Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (1 Point)
Although the story and plot lack a bit of substance, I’m a sucker for monster movies, Godzilla was able to deliver action, entertaining spectacle this summer and made me even more excited for the future of the franchise.

John Garza (Senior Editor)

1 – Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (10 Points)

Starting my Top Films is one of the last ones of this decade. Roaring its place to #1, for me was a few things. One of those things being Chris Terrio. Without giving too much away, the conversations between characters Rey & Kylo are the best I’ve heard in the Sequel Trilogy. The second thing is the cinematography. I always knew it was going to look spectacular, but the visuals in Rise Of Skywalker is breathtaking.

2 – Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (9 Points)

My #2 has so many overt parallels to my favorite film, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, that I couldn’t help it. I only knew very little about the Mythos of Godzilla, but after this film, my daughter and I became experts. Witnessing these Kanju monsters battle it out was something I never knew I wanted to see. This film delivered that and more.

3 – Alita: Battle Angel (8 Points)

Robert Rodriguez, I feel, was the beginning of Comic Book Movies. From Desperado to Spy Kids, his filmography is unprecedented. With him working with James Cameron, it was a match made perfect. Alita made me forget a CGI character was interacting with the real world. It had emotion and depth and made me yearning for a sequel. Hopefully, that still happens.

4 – X-Men: Dark Phoenix (7 Points)

While most felt this film to be the worst of the “rebooted Matthew Vaughn” era, I felt the opposite. Having Hans Zimmer create one of the best scores since his Batman v Superman days helps as well. But Dark Phoenix had weight to it that made the outcome feel like the Animated days of the past.

5 – Hellboy (6 Points)

Rounding out my top 5 is another film that was chastised. Forgetting that this film came out between Captain Marvel and Engame, and this becomes a successful reboot. I truly believe that this will become a cult-classic relatively soon.

6 – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (5 Points)

Tarantino does it again. Creating a thrilling piece of art in the form of visual storytelling and dialogue. He brilliantly builds the tension up, similar to what he did in Inglorious Basterds, and the pay off is even better. Leo and Brad were made for the rolls and seeing Hollywood from the nostalgic point of view of Tarantino were amazing.

7 – Shazam! (4 Points)

In what would be a very heart-felt and enduring Superhero film, Shazam! was the most nostalgic of the bunch. In ways of the old Superhero movies to honoring Zack Snyder’s DC Films. David F. Sandberg created a very real film in a fantastical way. I enjoyed the dark humor and story elements without the need to feel like a Marvel film.

8 – Terminator: Dark Fate (3 Points)

I know, just like some of my films in the list, have gotten hate about absurd things. But this one really boggles the mind. It was a reinvention for Terminator along with introducing new characters that felt true to the 1991 film. It felt like a 90s action flick in a modernized form. What more could an audience ask for? As with most things nowadays, they’re not happy no matter what they give them.

9 – How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World (2 Points)

Probably the most emotional of my picks, Dragons was one of the best closing 3rd films I’ve seen. It perfectly ended the series in the right manner while allowing the characters to be completed with their arcs. And if you wanted to see a brilliant short, Homecoming is the greatest to fill in the time jump near the end. This film means a lot to my daughter and I’m very glad it finished on a high note.

10 – Joker (1 Point)

I’ll probably get flak for this, but yes, Joker rounds out my Top 10 Films of 2019. While I enjoyed it very much, the re-watchability is not similar to any of the films above it. That’s why it’s not higher up for me. But the film itself is still a brilliant piece of art. The cinematography is on par with the best of the best and I have no doubt it’ll win some awards.

Lorena Leon (Contributor)

1 – Joker (10 Points)
No other DC movie, since Batman v Superman, made me feel like I felt with Joker. Joaquin’s powerful interpretation and Hildur Guðnadóttir’s soundtrack will always be stuck in my head.

2 – Alita: Battle Angel (9 Points)
I’ve been a fan of the manga for a long time and Robert Rodriguez captured the essence of the story and character of Alita. Rosa Salazar is sublime. This movie needs a sequel because it all gets bigger.

3 – The Farewell (8 Points)
An emotional ride that reminded me of when my grandmother had cancer. Glad I discovered Lulu Wang.

4 – Booksmart (7 Points)
With this movie felt like a hit of fresh air. Two crazy best friends that feel like sisters and one of them is trying to come out of the closet in a supportive environment.
Olivia made a great directorial debut.

5 – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (6 Points)
This is in my top of best Tarantino movies. Amazing reinterpretation of Hollywood in the 60’s. This movie gave me my favorite Leo DiCaprio role.

6 – The Irishman (5 Points)
Another golden piece by Scorsese. Superb film with legends of cinema like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. A must watch.

7 – John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (4 Points)
The best of the 3 instalments. Keanu Reeves gets better and better portraying John Wick and Halle Berry makes everything perfect.

8 – Hustlers (3 Points)
An empowering movie and probably the best character Jennifer Lopez ever played in her whole career as an actress.

9 – Glass (2 Points)
The perfect closure to a perfect trilogy. Glass shows us people with special abilities in the real world with a heavy and beautiful message at the end. A powerful and emotional story.

10 – Midsommar (1 Point)
First movie from Ari Aster for me. It was bizarre and refreshing and I’m definitely going to follow this director in other projects.

Siobhan (Contributor)

1 – Parasite (10 Points)

A magnificent film on every level. Mixing comedy, with social satire and thrills, Parasite is a wild ride from start to finish. This tale of class inequity is written and directed to perfection. Some of the funniest and most suspenseful scenes of the year are all seamlessly packed into this incredible, impactful film. Bong Joon-Ho and his talented cast have created a captivating masterpiece.

2 – Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (9 Points)

I’m not a crier, but this movie got to me. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is simple and minimalistic, yet still so full of depth and emotion. In addition to the well-developed love story, the film also brilliantly delves into things like the gaze, creation and memory. Céline Sciamma has crafted a stunning film that is brought to life by amazing performances from Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant. And the ending scene is devastating in the best kind of way.

3 – Booksmart (8 Points)

Olivia Wilde’s coming of age comedy is a refreshing and entertaining adventure, propelled by the chemistry of its two leads, Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever. Boasting equal parts heart and hilarity, Booksmart is one of the best teen comedies of all time. The film gives depth to traditionally stereotyped high-school characters, and everyone gets their moments to shine. The movie has a killer soundtrack too.

4 – Toy Story 4 (7 Points)

Four movies in, and this series hasn’t lost any steam. Toy Story 4 takes our beloved characters on another fun, heartfelt adventure that pushes them outside their comfort zone. With some welcome new additions, we continue to explore the importance a toy plays in a child’s life and vice versa. There are plenty of creative set-pieces and cheeky humour to compliment the more emotional moments. Woody gets a satisfying ending as well.

5 – Blinded by the Light (6 Points)

It’s refreshing to get a movie as earnest and sincere as this. Gurinder Chada wonderfully balances an uplifting character story and the social injustices of the time with Bruce Springsteen’s music in a seamless, entertaining way. Blinded by the Light is a feel-good movie that actually makes you…feel good.

6 – Knives Out (5 Points)

Rian Johnson’s whodunit is an exciting mix of classic murder-mystery tropes with some modern twists. The eccentric ensemble and snappy direction complement the innovative plotting. On top of the investigation and cheeky humour, there is an added layer of social satire threaded throughout that gives Knives Out an extra dimension.

7 – The Farewell (4 Points)

Lulu Wang’s semi-autobiographical drama is a heartfelt and thoughtful exploration on the effect a loved one’s terminal illness has on those closest. The Farewell wonderfully pulls out the honest emotions and nuances of the delicate situation. Yet, despite the subject matter, the movie still manages to find humour and sweetness between the characters. Awkwafina also gets to show off her dramatic chops and she really delivers.

8 – Marriage Story (3 Points)

Led by a pair of great performances by Scarlett Johannsson and Adam Driver, Marriage Story is a moving take on divorce and relationships. We’re shown the messiness of divorce, and how it can even bring out the worst in two fairly decent people. But at the same time, we also really buy into the love these two characters shared. Noah Baumbach does a great job of highlighting the smaller details of a relationship and fleshes out both characters’ perspectives well.

9 – Ford v Ferrari (2 Points)

I could care less about car racing, but Ford v Ferrari was thoroughly engaging. The real-life events of Ford trying to build a race car to beat Ferrari are presented in an entertaining and technically impressive way. James Mangold’s slick direction makes the character drama compelling and the race scenes excitingly visceral. As usual, Matt Damon and Christian Bale are in top form.

10 – The Two Popes (1 Point)

I didn’t expect a film focussed on long conversations between Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be so compelling. Yet, here we are. This historical drama is elevated by a sharp and unexpectedly witty script and some fabulous performances from Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Price. The Two Popes is an insightful and touching look into the connection between these two very disparate men.

Ambarish Deshpande (Contributor)

1 – Joker (10 Points)
No questions why it’s number 1. No one asked for this movie yet it delivered the best take on a genre dominated by the big, hyped up, joke fests of the MCU. It did everything opposite to Avengers : Endgame – it was low budget, R rated, no buildup, no VFX, stand-alone and dealt with dark themes like insanity, class warfare, depression and violence and still made a billion dollars plus delivered a cinematic masterpiece that would can be watched and deciphered for years to come.

2 – John Wick 3: Parabellum (9 Points)
Call me a sucker for action movies because many would’ve had this one quite lower on the list. Certainly not above the Irishman. But in the age of VFX ridden comic book movies, John Wick movies are the comeback of the pure action genre. The action though not gritty is realistic and yet stylized. John Wick is a compelling character on par with the pantheon of great action heroes like The Man with No name, Ethan Hunt, John Mclane etc. The world-building and characters surrounding the assassin world of John Wick is fascinating and original and Keanu Reeves is obviously breathtaking.

3 – Irishman (8 Points)
The Irishman can be viewed as the last great tribute to epic long-form crime dramas like The Godfather, Once Upon a time in America, Good fellas, Casino etc. Who better to make it than Martin Scorsese and who better to star in it than Harvey Keitel, De Nero, Pacino and Joe Pesci?! Although slightly sagging in the middle, it really picks up when Pacino and De Nero’s characters meet. The last 20 minutes or so look like meta-commentary on the dying age of classic epic cinema and is emotional on multiple levels. Must credit Netflix for unleashing Directorial geniuses on us.

4 – Knives Out (7 Points)
While being vilified for taking a different approach in Star Wars The Last Jedi 2 years ago, Director Rian Johnson made a fantastic come back with an original whodunit murder mystery. A genre once thought lost to pulp novels and afternoon TV shows. Easily one of the best movies this year, with some really well-written characters, quirky dialogue and a crisp plot. Works as a mix of murder mystery, mild social commentary on wealth disparity and a dark comedy.

5 – Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (6 Points)
Since we are treading in franchise/sequel territory, Godzilla King of the Monsters is a fascinating follow up to 2014 Hollywood Godzilla reboot. It takes great effort to satisfy hardcore monster-verse fans with call backs and tributes, takes heavy inspiration from Man of Steel and BvS in terms of injecting realism into mythic world-destroying creatures and delivers more monsters per square meter than you asked for. Also, gives us a hook for the next movie where Godzilla will meet Kong.

6 – Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (5 Points)
A Star Wars movie inciting polarizing reactions from their core fanbase is the standard for all Star Wars movies since the original trilogy, TRoS does a fine job of balancing the nostalgia/fan service aspect of Force Awakens and the new direction sought by The Last Jedi. It reconciles some of TLJ’s issues and while it could have taken a more unpredictable route, I doubt Disney would’ve allowed it. Terrio’s touch to the script is apparent and who knows if he had been part of the creative team since the first one what other brilliant touches he could have given. Also, visually perhaps the most fantastic Star Wars movie and a good conclusion to the sequel trilogy.

7 – Two Popes (4 Points)
Netflix has since maybe the last 2 years going toe to toe with studios and delivering what many people are looking for – original artistic content free of studio politics and financial compulsions. Recently released Two Popes is a fictionalized tale of conservative Pope Benedict XVI having ideological differences with Pope Francis but still recognizing him as a worthy successor to the Holy See. It has two powerhouses of acting Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce who effortlessly carry the movie on their shoulders. It’s worth watching solely for their performances and the surprisingly neutral commentary on conservative and liberal values.

8 – Detective Pikachu (3 Points)
Detective Pikachu single-handedly proved 3 things:- 1) Ryan Reynolds’ charisma can make anything better. 2) It is possible to make a good video game movie. 3) Pikachu is just too damn cute even in live-action. An enjoyable movie with a mystery at its heart with lots of Pokemon fan service that got overlooked.

9 – Shazam (2 Points)
From the MCU’s biggest movie to DCEU’s smallest in terms of scale, but much bigger than most super-hero movies in terms of heart. While the movie suffered from poor marketing, especially poor timing of release and that missed Henry Cavill cameo, it scored well in terms of performances especially by the kid actors, Zachary Levi and the right mix of darkness and levity. The VFX could have been better, but the movie did a great job of setting up the magic side of the DCEU and respected Snyder’s mythos as well.

10 – Avengers: Endgame (1 Point)
The long awaited conclusion to the MCU’s Infinity saga was a mix of great fan service and capitalizing on the build-up of previous movies. But once you look through the hype, there are some glaring pacing issues, plot contrivances and a sense that it was a bit underwhelming after such a great set up. Having said that, the last half an hour and some time travel elements are excellent and that’s why it makes the list.

Thomas Gemmell (Contributor)

1 – Alita: Battle Angel (10 Points)

Fantastic effects and motion capture performances in a truly engaging sci-fi following Alita, a robot who gradually learns she has a history and a purpose.

2 – Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker (9 Points)

A fitting end to the saga. As a fan, the film provided lots of fan service. Sure, I can find things to complain about, but it thrilled me, had me in tears, and will get many re-watches. It looks great and the soundtrack is one of the best.

3 – Joker (8 Points)

The intense character study of Arthur Fleck which manages to serve as a backstory for the DC villain while simultaneously skewering the most unfair aspects of our society. I’ll re-watch it. On special occasions.

4 – Hotel Mumbai (7 Points) 

A shocking recreation of the terror attacks in Mumbai a decade ago – a nerve-shredding film which combines acts of heroism with an incredible sense of dread. I don’t think I blinked for an hour.

5 – X-Men Dark Phoenix (6 Points) 

The last in the Fox series of X-Men movies do seem a little compromised in places but I personally loved this take on the story, with some fan-serving moments and a powerhouse score by Hans Zimmer.

6 – Destroyer (5 Points)

A long, slow-burn crime thriller which draws you in with its gruelling depiction of crime, regret and the search for purpose starring the unrecognisable Nicole Kidman. A film that deserved better.

7 – Triple Frontier (4 Points) 

A great Netflix movie with a gang headed by Ben Affleck heading to South America for a heist. The twists in the tale were genuinely surprising and I cared for these characters a lot. Sequel please?

8 – Captain Marvel (3 Points)

I really enjoyed the film, warming to Brie Larson’s performance, and loving Samuel L Jackson. I like the mix of intergalactic and earthbound action and the switch in the plot. Yet, it feels a little thin in places, and the cat and Fury’s eye are frustratingly revealed – I wish I liked it better.

9 – Avengers: Endgame (2 Points)

Watching the culmination of the Marvel films was a necessity. The story was spectacular, but the “time-travel” concept made it odd and convoluted. The final fight didn’t get me in the feels. Yeah. That’s just me. I’ll re-watch it though.

10 – Shazam (1 Point)

A big, slick fun movie which ultimately had a strange mixture in tone, but I’m keen to see more.

Ryan Hyde (Contributor)

1 – Parasite (10 Points)

Parasite maybe my favorite movie of the year, possibly the decade. The director Bong Joon-ho perfectly balances humor with tragedy, hopefulness with despair and beauty with horror. Not a second is wasted in this near-perfect movie. It’s hard to think of another movie of recent memory that worked on every single movie-making level.

2 – The Irishman (9 Points)

The three and a half-hour run time does make this movie a little intimidating but this gangster epic spanning decades in the United States does not let go of you from beginning to end. Although the CGI to de-age all the main actors may not have been the best way to present the characters over their lifetime, the performances still hold up and will be nonetheless be added into Martin Scorsese’s long list of amazing movies.

3 – Rocketman (8 Points)

Elton John’s life was far from ordinary, so its only fitting that his biopic, Rocketman, proves to be an off-centred musical as well. The decision to re-arrange Elton John’s classic songs and prepossess their meanings to different parts of his life was a bold choice but it undeniably works as a way to present his complex life.

4 – Doctor Sleep (7 Points)

One of four of Stephen King’s books to be adapted in 2019, Doctor Sleep surprisingly turned out to be the best one of all. Mike Flanagan created both an amazing adaption of the book while paying homage to the movie version of The Shining. While he may not have perfect stuck the landing, the movie still stands as one of the most terrifying movies of the year.

5 – Avengers: Endgame (6 Points)

Part two of the “Ending” of the Avengers movies, Avengers: Endgame didn’t quite take the chances or have the focus of Avengers: Infinity War but for any die-hard to a casual fan of the Marvel universe, this movie creates a great ending for some of our favorite characters. The Marvel Universe may continue on, it’s hard to see it matching this satisfying end for the series.

6 – Joker (5 Points)

Although it leans on its “Taxi Driver” and “The King of Comedy” influences a little too much, it’s no denying that Joker tells one of the most captivating stories of the year. Joaquin Phoenix transcends the genre and Joker may go down as having one of the best performances of the decade. The “Comic-Book film genre” may have found its new high watermark.

7 – Dolemite Is My Name (4 Points)

This Netflix movie seemingly came out of nowhere for me. Eddie Murphy, who plays the titular character, gives one of his best performances of his career. At times, it does fall into typical biopic tropes, but its presentation of the subject and his earnestness shines through.

8 – Booksmart (3 Points)

At first cast-off as “The Female Superbad”, Booksmart turned out to be one of the funniest comedies of the years. Booksmart was a great showcase for some great up and coming actors and actresses and, as all great teenage comedies do, it never talks down to teenagers but presents real, relatable characters in this 2019 moment.

9 – Toy Story 4 (2 Points)

This movie may have not entirely been needed, thanks to an almost perfect ending in Toy Story 3, but it does finds a way to tell an incredible, heart-tugging story with all our favorite toys one last time. Toy Story 4, being a Disney property, is unlikely to be the final chapter, but it serves as a great ending to a few of the characters we’ve loved for years.

10 – Yesterday (1 Point)

With the seemingly limited premise of “what if everyone forgot about the Beatles, except for one person”, you would think this movie would fall flat but thanks to director Danny Boyle, he helps round the plot out into a captivating movie. Himesh Patel helps sell this premise and carries the movie gives great renditions of all the classic Beatles songs you love.


1 – Joker – (54 Points)2 – Alita: Battle Angel – (33 Points)3 – The Irishman – (31 Points)4 – Star Wars – (27 Points)5 – Booksmart – (24 Points)6 – Parasite – (20 Points)7 – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – (19 Points)8 – Knives Out – (17 Points)9 – Godzilla – (16 Points)

10 – John Wick 3 – (14 Points)

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Reel Anarchy & DC Films Hub. Former editor at Omega Underground. Watcher of films, lover of football & eater of dim sum.



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