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Paramount Puts The Breaks On ‘World War Z’ Sequel



A few years ago, six to be exact, Paramount released a pretty epic zombie film, World War Z and this year filming on the sequel was meant to begin.

Now, after much after much gestation the sequel, that was meant to reunite director David Fincher and Brad Pitt once again has been shelved by Paramount due to the films budget according to The Playlist.

Its still not clear if it will go back into development or if its been axed completely. Lets hope for the latter.

The first film made $540m worldwide, but it barely broke even with the increased budget due to rewrites and reshoots, along with marketing it cost Paramount $430m to make.

Fun fact, World War Z was the first film set I’d ever seen. It filmed straight across from my old work, and I got to see Pitt and Mireille Enos do their thing.


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