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***UPDATE*** Never-Before-Seen Footage Of Aquaman In ‘Justice League’ Discovered



Where To Begin?

I’m a lover of film. I think most of us are. So when I, and my fellow cinephiles, see the massacre of films, it cuts deep. Now, I know I don’t have to mention the butchering of Justice League, but I feel it’s my duty to expose the wrongdoings that conspired towards that film. And my, have we.

That still doesn’t settle the gut feeling I have that knows Zack Snyder would have shot a film the likes executives were too afraid to release. And like Mobb Deep so eloquently prophesized: “Ain’t no such things as half-way crooks“. So Joss Whedon was brought in to corrupt what was already a rewritten piece of work. And wow, did he do a fantastic job of cocking things up to a whole new level. But I digress.


We all know that Aquaman made a billion dollars PLUS at the box office, right? If not, it did. Now, that comes off the disastrous box office performance of Justice League that started this whole mess. I’ve said time and time again that had Justice League been released as was intended, it would have crossed the billion dollar mark as well. The main reason? Controversy sells.

But you know what would’ve boosted upsells for Aquaman even more? Seeing just how massive his world of Atlantis (or a temple) would have been in another film. Just like Wonder Woman with her tease in Batman v Superman. We all know that James Wan and Zack Snyder were in talks about how to convey the underwater city for the first time on-screen. But we also know that concept art showed very similar settings for how Arthur would obtain his Comic Accurate suit in his solo film compared to his armored suit in Justice League. Well, it appears they filmed those scenes in Justice League as well. And I’ve discovered Never-Before-Seen footage of Arthur in Justice League arriving underwater WITH extra footage of Mera fighting Steppenwolf. I compiled it together to help show what the new footage is while also recognizing just how much they chopped up Zack Snyders Film. What you should notice as well is that the action has time to breathe. Also, Steppenwolf is a bit more brutal than Whedon’s version would lead you to believe. Check it out below:


It appears Warner Bros didn’t take too kindly to having their precious footage out into the open. Vimeo should work. And so should Twitter. And so should still image’s. Sorry for that folks.


(Video One of the Throne)

And this is the extra Steppenwolf footage.

And for the Visually inclined incase the Vimeo/Twitter gets taken down…..again:

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