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Mortal Kombat Early Reactions; Plus Sequels Plans



Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is just around the corner, and it will debut both in theaters and on HBOMAX on April 23. With the hype building, some critics have already run to social media to voice their thoughts on the latest installment in the balls-to-the-wall martial arts franchise.

Below is a compiled list of critics and fans who took to twitter to give their thoughts on Mortal Kombat:

Not too shabby for a reboot. From the positive reactions above, this might be the reinvigoration the franchise needed. And that’s no slight to the previous installments. Those film certainly have their fans, but they always carried a certain cheese that many accepted at face value for the fun of it. But it looks like the reboot is trying to take things more seriously. (At least as seriously as you can with a wacky property like this.)

And if it does well, WB are reportedly interested in continuing the franchise, according to Sub Zero actor, Joe Taslim. In which he revealed in an interview with Variety that he’s signed on for 4 more films. But at the end of the day, go out and decide for yourself and vote with your wallet. Warner Bros and HBOMAX’s day-and-date strategy worked out well for Godzilla vs Kong, here’s hoping Mortal Kombat gets the same treatment.

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