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Michael Keaton May Play Batman Again In ‘Flashpoint’



DC fans are having the time of their life these past few weeks! Days after the rumors of Jefferey Dean Morgan in talks to play Thomas Wayne in Andy Muschietti’s Flashpoint, the newest casting rumors are that Michael Keaton is being talked about playing Batman in the same “Flashpoint” movie.

Reportedly, the “Flashpoint” movie will draw heavily the 2011 storyline of the same name by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. In the story, Barry Allen as The Flash goes back in time to save his moth from being murdered but in doing so changes the entire fabric of reality. This reality has several major changes including Thomas Wayne as Batman instead of Bruce Wayne and his estranged wife Martha Wayne as this reality’s Joker.

The Flashpoint story was ostensibly a way to introduce the soft reboot of the DC comics universe known as “The New 52”. That experiment lasted for just 5 years ending with DC Rebirth, realigning all the DC characters’ histories and introducing older fan favorite characters back into the fold. However, “Flashpoint” has prevailed as a very popular basis for a movie, especially with “DCEU” fans, as it would be an easy way to have Ray Fisher as Cyborg (in which Cyborg plays a very pivotal role in the story) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne back from his short cameo in “Batman V Superman”. 

It’s not clear exactly clear how Michael Keaton’s Batman will appear in “Flashpoint” at this moment. In the 2011 storyline, Bruce Wayne as Batman does appear at the end but this Batman appearance would be more suited for a Ben Affleck cameo. Perhaps, Andy Muschietti’s movie may introduce several versions of the Dark Knight from the multiverse, setting up a universe where Michael Keaton’s Batman continued to have adventures after “Batman Returns”.

Personally, I feel that Michael Keaton would be a perfect “Batman Beyond” Bruce Wayne, an older mentor who has hung up the role of Batman and passed the torch to a younger Terry McGinnis. We will have to see if more details come out about the plot in the next couple months. “Flashpoint” is currently set to premiere June 3rd, 2022. 

What are your thoughts on Michael Keaton possibly coming back as Batman? What role could he play in “Flashpoint”? Let us know! 

SOURCE: The Wrap

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