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Marvel’s First Asian-Led Superhero Film ‘Shang-Chi’ Finds Director



After the success of Black Panther and Captain Marvel, Marvel has turned its attention to bringing Shang-Chi to the big screen, its the studio’s first superhero movie with an Asian protagonist.

According to Deadline, Marvel has hired Destin Daniel Cretton, the director behind Short Term 12 which starred Brie Larson, to helm Shang-Chi. With Chinese-American screenwriter, Dave Callaham penning the screenplay. Cretton is currently working with Larson and another MCU alum Michael B. Jordan on a new movie Just Mercy.

Destin Daniel Cretton

Shang-Chi a half-Chinese, half-American was first introduced in Marvel’s Special Edition #15 in 1973, he is the son of an internationally-renowned and powerful criminal mastermind. During his childhood he was raised in a unique training compound, invisible to the rest of the world (akin to Wakanda), the young martial arts master had a lonely upbringing, constantly training in martial arts with limited contact with his parents. Growing up he never knew of his Dad dealings, to him he was a great humanitarian. During his first mission, Shang-Chi found out the truth about his father’s evil doings and manipulations, from then on out he devoted his life to overthrow his criminal empire.

Marvel has made it their mission to fill the cast and crew with Asian-American talent, similar to the approach they used for Black Panther. Having both ethnic diversity and inclusion, in front of and behind the camera.

This certainly excites me, one, being part Chinese, along with billions of others, we will finally see Chinese representation as the focal point in a huge cinematic universe and two the MCU is in desperate need of some Kung-Fu in their lives to help with some of their terrible action scenes, and for the love of the ancient arts, I hope they don’t hire the stunt co-ordinators from Iron Fist.

SOURCE: Deadline

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