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‘Lovecraft Country’ – The New Harry Potter?



Lovecraft Country – The New Harry Potter?

What am I talking about? Perhaps If you stay with me until the end of this piece, you’ll be able to understand, consider it even.


First, let’s talk about the finale. What the hell was that? This ending was so mind-blowing, emotional, and perfect. The episode, titled “Full Circle“, calls back to the very first episode that sets up a lot of the characters and their journey throughout the season. From magic spells to fantastic unique creatures to great characters and the gritty racial drama, it has all the makings of a fabulous show. Throughout the season Atticus and Leti try to figure out what the prophecy is about and what part they had to play in it. In this episode, Tic and Leti are transported to the Ancestral realm where Hanna talks about the book of names and the house itself. Here Tic meets his mother who convinces him to sacrifice himself for the greater good. This lines up with the vision that Ji-ah saw when she connected with Tic’s soul/mind. The episode ends with a very heartbreaking and emotional sacrifice by Atticus when Dee reveals her robotic arm and crushes Christina’s throat as she was trapped under huge chunks of rocks due to an explosion caused when Ji-ah used her Kimiho powers. There is heavy Christ imagery with Atticus on the cross and the way he died. I believe that he might be resurrected next season.

When I first started watching this show, I was absolutely awestruck by the very opening scene. It was a really weird high fantasy futuristic dream-like scene which had one of the leads, Atticus, reliving his past memories from the Korean war followed by him meeting a pink alien woman, who later turns out to be his lover, and a huge Lovecraftian monster emerges which is then killed by Jackie Robinson, the famous American baseball player. Montrose told Atticus that a mysterious stranger once saved him from a racist kid during his childhood. In Episode 9, when Tic and Montrose go back in time to that very moment, they wait for this mysterious hero to show up. It is only a matter of time when Tic realizes that no one is coming and that he is the hero he pictured Jackie Robinson to be. So he picks up the bat and starts hitting all the monsters in the scene. This is very reminiscent of the Patronus scene in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. Similar to Tic, Harry goes back in time and realizes he was the hero who saved him, not some mysterious person (in this case, his father). With this, I want to touch a little more on how this show has a lot of elements similar to that of Harry Potter.

As we know, the show involves magic spells, shoggoths, evil wizards, shapeshifters, rituals, prophecies, etc., most of the show feels completely unique and modern that may have a great future. This show, like Prisoner of Azkaban, involves Time Travel and reliving past memories. Episode 3 had a Chamber of Secrets type basement where they found racist ghosts that haunted them. Atticus’ birthmark also resembles Harry’s birthmark on his forehead, both being a lightning symbol. Braithwaites controlling magic for generations and Atticus’ rightful claim to magic has elements from the Order Of The Phoenix but also has racial undertones to it. The show does a good job of showing the discrimination and injustice that was done to black people without making it too heavy or in-your-face preachy. How awful was the Sundown episode (in a good way)? There were literal monsters attacking them and yet the scariest thing in the episode were the racist cops. I thought that was really well done and just goes to show how we have progressed from dark chapters in our lives. They also showed, in brief, the Tulsa massacre. One of my favourite episodes was Episode 6 where the entire episode was placed in Korea during the war, which told the story of Atticus’ past with Ji-ah.

All the actors did a great job, especially Jurnee Smollett, who plays Leti, who gave phenomenal performances throughout the show. I quite enjoyed the storytelling aspect of Lovecraft Country and how it progressed from episode to episode. Now that the magical power has shifted I’m very curious to see where the show takes us. I cannot wait to see more!

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