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‘Justice League: Black Suit Edition’ Isn’t Just Another Fan Edit



There have been a ton of Justice League fan edits since the compromised release of the Justice League theatrical cut.

Fans have attempted to realign the movie to Man of Steel and Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder’s original vision and tone of the DCEU, to varying degrees of success. Fixing the color grade and inserting Hans Zimmer’s DCEU tracks into the movie can help improve the movie that we got, but in the end it is still the same underwhelming movie, same underwhelming story. Well, a trailer dropped yesterday for a new Justice League fan edit titled Justice League: Black Suit Edition, and I have to say this is not just another fan edit.

The Black Suit Edition, being lead by a Chris Dawson, seems to be creating a whole new story, with entirely new scenes, a new score, additional and repurposed VFX – oh and fucking DARKSEID. The trailer makes it seem like this is a whole new movie. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get to it.

Bruce’s Ongoing PTSD

The trailer begins with a great repurposing of the deleted Superman and Alfred scene from Justice League. The scene is dark and gloomy as Alfred works in the bar cave. Superman enters with a menacing thud. Clearly he’s not here to offer up hope. Alfred looks at him with dread and says “You’re too late” as a red glow begins to intensify – and the Bruce jolts up in his bed. This is an amazing continuation of Bruce’s story. He is a broken man. He was obsessed with the threat he knew as Superman. Superman sacrificing himself for mankind is an act that will forever leave an impact on the world and show his love for this world, but that shouldn’t instantly fix Bruce’s psyche. Superman and Doomsday, along with the Knightmare vision, have opened up a whole other world for Brice, and that still seems to be looming over him. Also, the original “Now let’s HOPE you’re not too late” version is still in play, this will be an incredible parallel.

Darkseid Answers The Bell

Enter Darkseid. Not just a reference. Not just a cameo. Darkseid is fully present in this movie, being voiced by Benjamin Laws (@BenjaminJLaws). From this trailer and along with what has previously been teased, It seems as if he will be attempting to manipulate the recently resurrected Superman and more, as there is a shot of Barry dodging omega beams in the final battle which is so awesome. Darkseid being present in the story adds a much needed sense of impending danger to the film, and the fact that a fan edit is even able to do this is mind boggling. I am excited to see more of what Darkseid is up to throughout.

Knightmare Teased

The Justice League theatrical cut just completely ignored the post-apocalyptic visions Bruce has throughout BvS , making them feel out of place with no payoff. Thankfully, that seems to be amended here and more. The Flash’s message to Bruce from BvS is teased in the trailer. Additionally, there are new shots of the the Flash running through the Knightmare setting, hinting that this world has the potential to have a serious impact in this movie rather than being just a dream Brace has.

Cyborg Test Flight

Cyborg was probably the character impacted the most from the cuts made to Justice League. According to Snyder, he was supposed to be the heart of the film. I don’t know if there is any way to remedy that without Snyder’s footage, but the Black Suit Edition seems to be doing its best. An unfinished vfx scene of Cyborg attempting his first flight wasn’t leaked awhile back. Somehow, that scene looks to be added back into the film in full rendered glory. I can’t even begin to explain how Dawson made this happen, but I’m here for it.

The Black Suit

In line with the title, Superman will be donning his iconic black suit upon his return. The black suit was previously teased by Henry’s Cavill himself before the release of Justice League, but wound up never making an appearance.The Black Suit was first seen in the comic book storyline The Death of Superman, when Superman died and then returned to the world flashing the silver ‘S’, so it only seems fitting that the same happen in the DCEU.

Justice League: Black Suit Edition looks to be a completely new movie compared to the theatrical cut. Dawson has went on to state that the trailer is only scratches the surface of what his version has in store. If that’s true and this hits the mark, I’ll probably be considering this version of Justice League canon in the DCEU. The Black Suit Edition is something all DC fans need to keep there eyes on.

The fan edit is set to release August 30th for download, free of charge, but you can send Dawson a payment on PayPal as a thank you for him taking on this massive project.