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Joe Manganiello Details Cancelled ‘Deathstroke’ Film; Teases Talia Al Ghul



Ever since Joe Manganiello made his return in the Snyder Cut” of Justice League as the villain Deathstroke, he hasn’t been shy of revealing his plans for his character.

Over numerous interviews he has given tidbits of what his plans were for the character were. Which included a solo origin film, being the primary villain of the cancelled Ben Affleck Batman film, and even being a part of a Suicide Squad film. And recently, during an online event called “Justice Con”; a virtual convention dedicated to the films Snyder has worked on, such as Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Army of the Dead, Manganiello has given more details on his Deathstroke project.

One of the biggest things Manganiello revealed was the involvement of Talia Al Ghul in his story, saying:

“Who were the characters it involved? Well it involved Adaline, the kids, who were young- they were gonna be young, Wintergreen….. Talia…”

This was a big name drop for Joe to give; and he seemed apprehensive to reveal it. But it’s a name fans will be familiar with. And it further shows that Joe not only did his homework, but also had big plans for what the film could be. He later went on to detail more aspects of the film; saying it would be a grounded, political, military-drama, in the vain of Borne Identity and Rambo.

“What it would take for someone to go from devoting his life to this country that he believed in, to having the rug pulled out from underneath him. And being stabbed in the back and not knowing who to trust. And then y’know exacting some sort of vengeance on the people that would’ve been responsible. It was kind of like a revenge story that took place within Washington DC and goings on of the US government.”

Having worked with the character for a while, Manganiello certainly seemed to have so much of the characters history planned out. He even mentioned how he trained with Katanas and firearms and even other martial arts to get the character just right. It’s just unfortunate that it was cancelled.

But recently fans have taken to Twitter to show their support for the Deathstroke project that Joe worked on; making #DeathstrokeHBOMAX trend of 100k. So if HBOMAX is looking for an exciting low budget series to garner subscribers, Manganiello has certainly presented an opportunity for them. And the more details he reveals the more excited fans get. And what he mentioned on his Justice Con panel certainly peaked fans interest on not only his Deathstroke film, but the Batman film he was gonna star in with Ben Affleck as well.

“At one point there was an action sequence in the middle where Deathstroke just completely mauls Batman and Batgirl at the same. The two of them against Deathstroke are no match and he just mops the floor up with them. And they narrowly escape. So ya, it was definitely going to be a lot of fun. Some of the regular characters that showed up in Batman were not gonna make it through…”

Personally I don’t know how HBOMAX can not greenlight a Deathstroke series. Especially with how in ties into the grander Snyder Verse. With Deathstroke, they really have an embarrassment of riches on where they can use him. And with him being part of Snyder’s Knightmare world, he could be the key to setting up the potential Justice League sequels.

Manganiello even went on to talk about how Deathstroke and Batman would come to a point of teaming up in that timeline.

“I always had ideas in my head about how Bruce and Slade could end up seeing eye to eye. I had a lot pf those ideas. And so hopefully we can get to those. Because there’s some really fun and great stories that the fans would really- y’know there will be a lot of surprises and twist and turns as to how that would happen. But in my mind, I definitely broke a story on how to get there. I think a lot of people are fascinated about that Knightmare sequence and wanna see more. How did this happen?”

If you want to hear more about Joe Manganiello and his plans for Deathstroke; check out his Justice Con panel with Dave Pena, which was put together by the Nerd Queens, Nana&Cole and Wonder Meg, all in support of Snyder’s films and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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