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Jesse Eisenberg Filmed His ‘Justice League’ Reshoots Two Weeks Before Premiere



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With the two-year anniversary of Justice League coming up next month, we’re still finding things out from the film. On the Lights Camera Barstool Podcast show last week Jesse Eisenberg was discussing his new film Zombieland: Double Tap. As the host got into fan questions, things shifted into the Snyder Cut territory. And in it, we learned quite a few things. Joss Whedon and company filmed the reshoots TWO weeks before the film’s premiere. And Jesse’s Lex was in more scenes than just the prison and boat scenes.

We should all be aware of the injustice that was done to Zacks film. But knowing that we had more Lex screen-time AND that Jesse read the original script is telling. Does that mean Chris Terrio, the writer, still has the script in physical form? If Jesse read it, who else read it? The conversation was revealing, to say the least. Don’t believe me? Read it yourself:

Does the Snyder Cut of Justice League Exist?

JE: Oh. I have no idea [if it exists]. Wait, I don’t understand. Like, I genuinely don’t know. What are you referring to? Like a Directors Cut?

So there’s this whole movement out there about how the Snyder Cut of Justice League is significantly better than the Joss Whedon reshoots and everything of Justice League.

JE: OH! Of Justice League. Got it.

So the cut of the movie from JUST Zack Snyder.

JE: Oh, I have no idea. No clue. Zero.

Obviously you were in the [end credits scene].

JE: Yeah. I was in…I think I was in some other scenes too. But I don’t know if they’re…I guess they’re not in the movie. So [Warner Bros.] turned it into after the credits. Yeah. So right, no, I have no idea. [conversation continues] I wasn’t really around for the process. But I do know that some of the stuff they were doing is amazing. Also I’m friends with the writer, Chris Terrio. So I read his original draft and yeah there’s stuff that probably is not in the movie, obviously. Because I haven’t seen [Justice League] that was there. Yeah.

Was that Yacht scene filmed on location somewhere? It looked like the Italian coast or something. It looked wonderful.

JE: You have no idea. This gave me, yeah. The scene I’m in, I think was filmed during the day time over the course of two days.

It was all during the day? It looks like night time

JE: I think they adjusted the lighting to make it look like it was at night…or maybe it was filmed at night. Wait, it was twilight. That’s what it was. We filmed during the day and they color timed it. But it was filmed over the course of two days off the coast of Monaco. I mean, it’s a ten-second scene at that.

You had to fly all the way to Monaco for that?

JE: Yeah

Most of the scene is a boat driving up to a yacht and you saying something. [Deathstroke] says something back. You say something and it’s a wide shot of the boat.

JE: That’s not the crazy part of the story. So first of all, yes. I also got fitted for a suit over the course of a month. I was also doing a show in England and [Warner Bros.] would come to my dressing room like five times to fit me for a suit that you really don’t see. So this incredible suit that was created for that scene for [Lex] is still not the crazy part of the story. So we filmed over the course of two days. They rented this yacht with models and swimming pools and all this crazy stuff.

The crazy part of the story is I went back, months later…two weeks before the movie came out or something, with Joss Wheedon and filmed a close-up. Because they wanted to redue some of …they wanted to rewrite some of the lines. So I went back and I flew to LA, and again [had my] head shaved, casting. [Got] a new suit and everything to do a close-up on my face. Like, from above my chin to below my head line. Like, literally to do some dialogue. So that scene, which is like ya know, ten seconds long was…I don’t know how much it cost [Warner Bros.]

Meticulously micromanaged.

JE: Yes.

Specifically considering that’s a movie they spent millions on to CGI a mustache.

JE: What?!

After the conversation about Monaco, they ask him about his thoughts on the CGI mustache. He’s speechless that THAT was shown in the film. Needless to say, it was a very troubling experience for him. You can listen to the rest of the conversation from the link provided for the podcast.

Source: Lights Camera Barstool Podcast

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