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Jason Momoa Is Obsessed With The ‘Snyder Cut’, Just Like Us

  Aquaman Is One With The Surface Since Press Junkets started talking with Aquaman star, Jason Momoa, there really hasn’t been a time that Zack Snyder’s name hasn’t popped up. And really, why wouldn’t it? Zack is the sole reason we’re even talking about an Aquaman film in 2018. Allow me to show you. Why? Back […]




Aquaman Is One With The Surface

Since Press Junkets started talking with Aquaman star, Jason Momoa, there really hasn’t been a time that Zack Snyder’s name hasn’t popped up. And really, why wouldn’t it? Zack is the sole reason we’re even talking about an Aquaman film in 2018. Allow me to show you.


Back in 2006, seeing Aquaman on the big screen was satirical enough to be featured as the main storyline for HBO’s hit series Entourage in season 2. That’s how unrealistic the portrayal of this character seemed to Hollywood at the time. One reason being the special FXs weren’t up to standard to create such a film. Another, for the simple fact Aquaman was always looked down on as the joke of the DC Heroes.

Zack Snyders Vision

When Zack Snyder approached Jason Momoa about the prospect of playing Aquaman on-screen back in 2014, you can imagine his confusion. Aquaman was a clean-cut, blonde-haired Superhero. It was almost the exact opposite of what you would think of when imagining the Hero. Unbeknownst to Jason, that was always the plan.

Zack was brilliant enough to recognize that in order for Aquaman to be taken seriously, they needed a serious look. And in genius fashion, Zack gave us our first look at Jason in Aquaman regalia.

At the same time, he gave us the biggest tease for a film that didn’t even have a director. “Unite The Seven”. That was the text laid over the teaser image. Little did we know, that was meant for his solo debut and not the Justice League team members we all thought it meant.

The First Look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman via Zack Snyder

It Makes Sense

Back in 2016, when we got our first live-action glimpse of Aquaman, we were left wanting more. Not only more of Jason Momoa, but also more of just exactly HOW they would capture this hero on film. Batman v Superman is my favorite film, but it has its detractors. And the one thing we can all agree on is that it was clear Jason was holding his breath underwater. But that was before Wan and Company got a hold of him.

Fast forward to today, and Jason has his own billboard in Times Square! Add his solo film generating huge buzz around the world, and you get another success for Warner Bros. So naturally, it makes sense that when he’s asked how it all started, he tells it like it is.

But What About Zack?

Of course, there’s one thing that has been getting brought up lately. And that one thing has been -depending on your viewpoint- the infamous or famous ‘Snyder Cut’ of Justice League. A film that represents Zack’s true vision we have yet to see. The theatrical version was clearly tampered with, evident enough to earn the moniker ‘Josstice League’.

But as far as Aquaman is concerned, however, Zack has always shown support. He used his first reveal to tie into a film 3 years in the making. Zack was the one who brought James Wan in to direct the film, originally. Both directors even talked about their respective films being made and did their best not to cross over too much. So maybe that’s why Zack keeps getting brought up.

F*** Yeah!

You know a man has clout when he’s not even involved with the marketing of a film, yet still gets brought up every day for it. Talking with MTV News during another press junket, Jason was point-blank asked about his thoughts on the Snyder Cut of Justice League:

Josh Horwitz: “Some fans are obsessed with the so called Snyder Cut of Justice League, like an alternate cut. Are you…[interrupted]

Jason: “Yeah…I’m obsessed with it too.”

Josh: “Are you?”

Jason: “Yeah.”

Josh: “What’s your take on that? Like do you want to see a different version eventually at some point? Or is there a different version?”

Jason: “I mean…that’s one thing that sucks with our business where you can’t….just speak your mind. But…Yeah! F*** Yeah I want to see it!”

So It Continues

This isn’t the first time Jason has vehemently expressed his thoughts on the Justice League film Zack shot. If reporters keep asking Jason about the Snyder Cut, that would indicate that it’s no longer just a small community anymore. We aren’t just asking for a mythological cut of a film that “allegedly” doesn’t exist. This has reached a widespread of reporters. 

What humors me though, is the way the interviewer asked him about the Snyder Cut. It was almost in a condescending tone as if it’s ridiculous to consider Jason would be in support of it. Zack had the vision to cast Jason as Aquaman. He knew that Jason could be the star vehicle for a film in his own right. Why would he be proud of “Josstice League” if he’s seen the real thing?

People Are Noticing

As much as Jason is talking openly about the Snyder Cut, so too, are other major influences, Zack included.


Managing Editor of Fandango joined the hashtag movement by retweeting the MTV News Interview:

Sonny Bunch

Sonny Bunch, a contributor for the Washington Post and an advocate of Snyder, even went as far as saying what most are thinking. If Aquaman is a massive hit, (which judging by the opening in China it just may be) Jason would have enough clout to seduce Warner Bros. He could leverage them into doing whatever they can in their power to distribute Zack Snyders true Justice League film, for an Aquaman sequel.

Catch 22

From a business standpoint, earning money to re-release a film that has continued to stay in headlines, makes complete sense. From an ego standpoint, Warner Bros. is in a tough position. They spent so much on re-shoots to completely alter his original idea. Now they run the risk of having the original film make “Josstice League” look like a made-for-tv-comedy.

That situation would only highlight the ignorance of the Studio abandoning their director’s vision. Remember, we were all told that Joss was brought in, by Zack himself, to finish his vision. November 17th, 2017 would prove otherwise.

The Silver Lining

But Zack Snyder is such an influential person that he’s essentially giving Aquaman free press. He shared an image that directly correlates to what Jason had mentioned earlier about Zacks Cut. It shows Aquaman telling Mera and Vulko, played by Willem Dafoe, that he is “going home to see his dad.”

The good thing about the image was that everyone was still talking about Aquaman. The great thing was that it was also about Zacks Cut of Justice League.

Curing The Obsessed

If Warner Bros. wanted to capitalize on all of this, they would let Aquaman open in the States on December 21st. Then, a few weeks later, announce Snyders Cut of Justice League to be released either before Shazam! or near San Diego Comic-Con of 2019. Either way, it builds anticipation for the release of the film. If you think about it, what could be shown at the mostly dominated Warner Bros. Hall H next year?

As of now, Warner Bros. only has one film to display, and that’s an R-Rated, else-world Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix. They could potentially show Birds of Prey footage since that begins principle photography in January of 2019, but again, that’s another R-Rated film. To have a panel of either film, doesn’t seem likely, but this is Warner Bros. after all. 

Justice League could be the redeeming film of 2019 for Warner Bros. if announced or released at next year’s Comic-Con. Or it could be a thorn that continues to grow in size, on a metaphorical pedestal of roses that is the DC Films Universe.

Do you agree with me and Jason? Are you obsessed with the Snyder Cut of Justice League as Jason and I are? Let us know in the comments below.


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