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‘Indiana Jones 5’: Spielberg Dropping Out, Mangold Eyed To Direct



Variety is reporting that Steven Spielberg is leaving the director’s chair for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie and reportedly giving it to James Mangold to direct. Spielberg is going to stay on as a Producer and Harrison Ford is still expected to Indy in this installment as well.

“Indiana Jones 5” was first announced in 2016 with a release date of July 2019, then July 2020, and now (tentatively) July 2021. Writer David Koepp (Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Spider-Man) was originally hired to write the script but has since left. Jonathan Kasdan (writer of Solo and son of Laurence Kasdan) has been hired to re-write the script.

Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and George Lucas

The Production is still early in the process but it is encouraging if Mangold ends up directing. He’s proven to be a great action director with both The Wolverine and Logan and a flare for the dramatic with Walk the Line and Ford V. Ferrari. It’s sad to see Spielberg step away but its understandable that after directing 4 Indy movies over almost 40 years, its not the most appealing project to go back to, especially since George Lucas, original co-creator, will not be involved.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a disappointment to fans but it was encouraging to know that Harrison Ford and Spielberg would work together one last time on the character. With this news, its hard to see if Ford would stick around for one last ride with another director. We will keep you posted with news on how the production goes from here.

Source: Variety

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