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Important Notice About The Future Of ‘DC Films Hub’ and ‘Reel Anarchy’



Hi everyone, let’s get down to why I’m here. I began DC Films Hub with Benjamin Evertz in October 2017. It started out as a Twitter news page, before we launched our site as a place for DC Comics fans to come together and get the latest news from the world of DC Entertainment.

We expanded the site and brought on-board writers; John, Shanks, Noah, Lorena, Keiley and Daryn. All of which have become an integral part of the team.

As movie lovers in general, we realised we had a very niche site, limiting ourselves to only DC content. So in January this year we launched Reel Anarchy, a site that would cover all entertainment news.

Initially, we were going to run both sites coincide with one another, but in recent months we’ve noticed a downturn in DC related news. So after talking with Ben and the team, we have decided to integrate both DC Films Hub and Reel Anarchy into one.

Don’t freak out— but there will be changes that will shortly be implemented:

  • The DC Films Hub site will redirect you to Reel Anarchy, where all our articles from the DC Films Hub will be transferred and incorporated into its own part of the site.
  • The @DCFilmsHub Twitter and Instagram accounts will change their handles to @ReelAnarchy.
  • The DC Films Hub podcast hosted by the dynamic duo Ben and John will be changing it’s name, they will announce the rebranding shortly, but the main aim is for them to talk about all different types of film.
  • The DC Films Hub YouTube channel will still run. We will also be starting to use Reel Anarchy’s YouTube page more.
  • I’m also thinking about launching my own podcast in the coming months, but nothing is set in stone, watch this space.

Think of this as an upgrade and not a reboot, this change will help us in the long run. The bones of our team, the writers, content, passion, attitude and the mission to keep our readers informed will remain the exact same. I want this site to continue to grow and evolve.

Change is scary, and getting used to the new site might take a hot minute for some of you guys. I’m already having sleepless nights with the change and the background work. As ever, we consider you, our readers a part of this family. Please feel free to leave feedback letting us know what you do and don’t like, and we’ll take that into consideration as we move forward.

Thank you for your continued support!

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Reel Anarchy & DC Films Hub. Former editor at Omega Underground. Watcher of films, lover of football & eater of dim sum.



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