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Here’s An Update On What’s Reportedly Happening With Warner Bros. DC Films



Yesterday, Variety dropped a report with new information regarding Warner Bros. DC Films. Speaking with their insiders about a number of projects in various stages of development, the trade looked at what’s to come from the studio.

Not all the information in their report is new, but it does clarify some rumours that have been floating around the internet, whilst also offering some intriguing tidbits on Warners DC properties, so I’ve broke down the details into bullet points below:

  • The Batman — Despite rumours the film would be set in Arkham Asylum, these are untrue. The film will only have a handful of scenes set within the high security prison for super criminals.
  • Key cast members in both The Batman and Birds of Prey have contract options to appear in sequels and standalone films, with the villains potentially headlining their own spin-offs.
  • Superman — Warners are unsure how to move forward with Superman and have held discussions with J.J. Abrams about the characters future, with the studio wanting to make him relevant to modern audiences. Insiders believe we will see a new Superman film before 2023.
  • Michael B. Jordan — The Creed star had pitched his vision for Superman earlier this year, however the actor isn’t ready to commit to the project as filming wouldn’t happen for several years.
  • R-Rated — With the success of Joker, Variety’s insiders predict that both Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad will get a similar rating.
  • Birds of Prey — After recent reshoots, it’s said to have dramatically improved the films test scores and Warner Bros. are confident they have a hit in there hands. The film has been described as humorous, spirited, girl gang adventure, just not for younger kids.
  • Green Lantern Corps — Geoff Johns will deliver a script by the end of the year and Warner Bros. may present it to J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot to see if their interested in producing. On another note Greg Berlanti (Arrowverse producer extraordinaire) has partnered up with Johns on a Green Lantern television show, however it’s speculated the relationship could lead to his involvement in a feature film.
  • The Flash — Things are still moving forward with the film starring Ezra Miller. IT director Andy Muschietti is at the helm. Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson has been brought onboard to pen the script. Production won’t begin till 2021 when Miller finishes with the Fantastic Beasts franchise.
  • Christina Hodson — She is the go to person for Warners at the moment, once she’s finished with The Flash script, she will then begin penning the Batgirl screenplay.
  • Aquaman 2 — The film should begin shooting in early 2022, with James Wan returning to direct.
  • The Trench — Warner Bros. are looking for a director to helm the Aquaman horror/spinoff about vicious sea creatures.
  • HBO Max — DC properties will also be released via Warners steaming service. They’re looking to make films on lower budgets, under the $65 million mark and bring in up-and-coming actors and not established stars for the roles.
  • The Snyder Cut — The social media campaign for #ReleaseTheSnyderCut was tremendous the other week. People came together and made their voices heard. However, Variety’s sources have said Warner Bros are not interested in throwing more money at the film that was a disaster and they have no plans to release it on HBO Max or in theatres citing “That’s a pipe dream,” and “There’s no way it’s ever happening.”

And there you have it folks, this is what the future of DC Films reportedly looks like. Personally I believe Warner Bros. will come to their senses and release the Snyder Cut. Even yesterday when the report was released Zack took to Vero to tell a fan not to lose hope.

Will all these plans come to fruition for Warner Bros? Time will tell. But at least they are no longer rushing into competing with Marvel. I hope J.J. Abrams does take on Superman, and brings Henry Cavill back into the fold. J.J would be a fantastic choice to lead the next Man of Steel film.

SOURCE | Variety

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