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Five Things We Love About Rambo in ‘Mortal Kombat 11’



Two weeks after Neverealm and Warner Bros Interactive’s sensational Kombat Pack 2 reveal trailer, Mortal Kombat fans finally got a chance to see what John J. Rambo can do in this latest gameplay demo. To say it was worth the wait would be an understatement! Let’s take a look at five things we loved about it.

Stallone’s Voice Acting and Likeness

Yes, that really is Sylvester Stallone’s unmistakable voice and likeness, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The Hollywood icon has consented to his digitised likeness being used and has recorded several lines of dialogue to boot. It would be easy for an actor of his calibre to simply ‘phone-in’ the lines and pick up the cheque, but his delivery is on-point and oozes that trademark Rambo grit and determination. The character, of course, is a military tactician, underscored by his opening line “I’m taking you off the board!”. There’s sure to be a few surprises saved for the character’s release, but we’re loving what we’re seeing and hearing so far.

Character Skins

Character skins are a great way of changing up the look of any game, especially those you’ll play for many hours in a bid to master. The skins on offer in this pack look superb, taking inspiration from the various cinematic adventures of the character. The trailer opens with our hero in his “Rambo: First Blood Part 2” wardrobe, before showcasing two versions of his “First Blood” character design. The first, which we’re calling “Forest Survival” features the poncho he creates from a piece of tarp and a Star-Spangled banner headband. The second is his first appearance look, where he wears a combat jacket, jeans, and military boots. The original reveal trailer showcased a look closer to his “Rambo III” appearance, so we’ll see if that shows up in the game, too.

Brutal but Tactical Move-set

Of course, a character can look and sound great, but the nuts and bolts of their moveset are what MK fans will be most interested in. The good news is, the character appears to play just as good as he looks! Armed with his trademark combat knife, the character shows off some vicious close-quarter moves, and an interesting combination of Martial arts styles; including  Judo throws, Karate and Muay Thai kicks, Silat knife work, and even a wrestling dropkick! Crushing blows are reminiscent of scenes from the movies, with the slide/elbow combo, and crawl/Achilles slash being the stand-outs. Weaponry is a huge part of the character’s make-up, and he utilises his trademark M60 machine gun, recurve bow, and a range of explosives; including grenades and claymores.  It looks like the character will suit a number of playstyles, given the range of options on offer.

Use of Traps

Another iconic character trait is Rambo’s creative and frequently lethal use of traps, and there’s plenty of fun to be had in that regard. We see enemies thrown into a trapping pit, before being blown up by a grenade casually tossed over Rambo’s shoulder. There’s also a tripwire, a snare trap that hoists your opponent high into the air, and a swinging log replete with spikes that deal massive damage on impact. Erron Black must have thought he was on Endor!

Special Moves & Fatality

Finally, we come to the character’s Fatal Blow, which shows John J. expertly fillet his opponent, before impaling his head on an explosive arrow. He follows this up with a brutal kick and an explosive arrow to finish. If that’s not brutal enough for you, the fatality sees him utilise a knife throw to back up his opponent into a bamboo spike trap, before appearing from behind and tearing out his throat! This sequence brought back memories of Patrick Swayze’s Dalton in Roadhouse, and of course, Rambo himself in the 2008 reboot.

All in all, the developers have seriously delivered in making Rambo not only recognisable both from an audio and visual perspective, but by paying homage to the character’s rich cinematic history with his combat style and use of weaponry and trapping tactics. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to match Sly against Arnie’s Terminator and of course Robocop. We’re fairly sure that ‘80s Deathmatches will be the order of the day for many players upon the pack’s release on November 17th. If you’d like to see a video of my reaction and breakdown, you can find it here.

Will you be picking this up? If so on which platform? Let us know in the comments!

Martin is an avid lover of Film, TV Shows, Video Games, and Comics, with a passion for analysing those mediums to find symbolism and deeper meaning. In 2020, he created a Podcast and Youtube channel, named Deckard's Unicorn, as a place to share his thoughts on aspects of popular culture. He also enjoys adding to his ever-increasing hoarde of collectibles. His other passion is music, and holds a First Class Honours Degree in Popular Music Performance; specialising in drums and percussion. In his professional life he is the co-founder of Tsuchigumo Daiko, a Japanese Taiko drumming ensemble based in Glasgow, and is the group’s lead instructor, composer, performer, and artistic director.



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