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Finn Wolfhard & Carrie Coon In Talks To Star In ‘Ghostbusters 3’



With Jason Reitman’s new Ghostbusters film coming out next year and filming beginning this summer, he needs to get his fingers out.

Luckily he’s not slacking as it looks like he has found two key members of the cast.

Variety reports Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) and Carrie Coon (The Sinner) are being eyed to star. The film is a direct sequel to the original 1980’s Ghostbusters films and not the 2016 all-female reboot that destroyed the lives of old-ass man children.

The plot for the new film apparently revolves around a single mother and her family. Presumably Wolfhard will play Carrie Coon’s son, but no details were revealed on how this connects to the OG Ghostbusters team.

Good news for the costume designers of the new film, Wolfhard will probably still fit in to his Ghostbusters costume from Stranger Things. So if he is to suit up, which is not yet confirmed, Reitman’s already saving the studio money, what a forward thinking filmmaker.

Supposedly, Reitman was not sure on Wolfhard originally as there are similarities between the two intellectual properties, but Wolfhard killed it with his audition.

Carrie Coon is top-notch, she absolutely bosses it on the small screen. From her roles in Fargo, The Leftovers and The Sinner. I wonder if she’s the daughter of one of the original Ghostbusters?

The new Ghostbusters film is set to hit screens July 10, 2020.

SOURCE: Variety

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