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Fabian Wagner Gives New Details Regarding ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ @ Justice Con



Thank You

First off, I would like to say a massive Thank You to Meg, Nana, & Cole for putting on a successful panel for this weekend. Without them, NONE of this would be possible and we wouldn’t have learned so much. Check out the video below to hear the entire interview and the rest of the Justice Con Panels.

Fabian Wagner

It wasn’t long before we got new information regarding Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Even Zack showed a new clip Saturday that indicated Superman will wear the Black Suit throughout his film. But for the most part, Zack spoke about things most of us had been saying for some time or that he would comment on when on Vero. So, it was up to Fabian Wagner, Zacks Cinematographer on Justice League, to drop some exciting information. And he delivered.

One aspect of Justice League that we never truly saw, was the incredible History Lesson that happened on Earth thousands of years ago. It involved all the tribes of Men, Atlanteans, Amazons, & Old Gods fighting against Uxas and his army invasion. We all assumed it would be in the same vein as Lord Of The Rings, but Wagner subverted that expectation by actually speaking about a different influence:

Question: Was The History Lesson influenced more by 300 or Lord Of The Rings?

“I mean, I would say neither probably sub-consciously. Definitely more ‘300’ because it felt much more like a ‘300’ sequence. But then I wanted it to be not as stylized as ‘300’, but yeah it definitely wasn’t Lord Of The Rings.”

300 v LOTR

What makes that comparison VERY interesting is that it makes complete sense. Zack has always had a knack for referencing his own films in some of his movies. Why wouldn’t he take influence from his own filmography versus something he was not involved with? Thinking about 300, the invasion does have a lot of similarities with how King Leonidas faced Xeres’ army, wave after wave. Even having them about to collide (from the trailer) as they run towards each other makes more sense, visually speaking.

I understand the concept being different, stylistically than 300, and why this battle was filmed over several weeks. You have Humans, Atlanteans, and Amazons all joining to stop an unstoppable force. So much so, that the Old Gods join in. That type of grand, epic scale of fighting, is EXACTLY what Zack Snyder is known for. And Fabian Wagner said he was influenced to be a cinematographer when he first watched 300. That makes The History Lesson even MORE anticipated than I already was. So what Wagner said next has even more significance.

The History Lesson

When it came to the abomination that is the theatrical cut of Justice League, we never even saw the proper History Lesson. Going through scenes, I realized they edited it in a completely different order than originally planned. Also, we would’ve seen the visual images of the ancient battle on display in The Shrine Of The Amazons. Did I mention Darkseid?

But the MAJOR difference was the time dedicated to this stunning visual iconography. In theaters, we only get 2 minutes and 11 seconds of the actual battle. But with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it seems we may get A LOT more of The History Lesson:

Question: How long is the History Lesson?

“Well, it was a long time ago that we shot [the History Lesson], it’s actually hard to remember [how long] exactly. We shot a lot of elements for the History Lesson and I’ve once said before, in some interview, that you know, the one thing about Zack, I think, [that] makes him such a great director is that he takes his time with his cuts. If his film needs to be three and a half hours long, that’s what he does.

And, of course, you then try and cut [the film’s runtime] down to two hours, it’s going to be a very different movie. So, he makes his films the length he thinks they should be for what they are. And so, probably what I can say with not being able to reveal exactly how long we shot [the history lesson] and how much [footage there is]. We did shoot a lot of elements with the History Lesson and I’m sure you could make it into a quite substantial, long sequence.”

What makes that interesting is this might be another “Krypton” sequence. By that, I mean, getting to spend about 20 minutes or more during the Age of Heroes. A similar fashion as the Krypton sequence in Man Of Steel. We might even get a full episode revolving around The History Lesson and The Shrine Of The Amazons because of the editing style HBOMax will allow in a show. One’s things for sure: The History Lesson will be spectacular!

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