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Danny Boyle Opens Up About His ‘Bond 25’ Departure



Danny Boyle has given us a little detail on his departure from Bond 25, and how that move helped him complete his latest film.

Speaking to ITV News in the UK as part of the publicity for his new movie Yesterday, he was asked about leaving Bond.

While the Bond producers used the well-worn “creative differences” explanation, fans have been wondering what really went on. It seems that the issue started at script stage:

“Sadly, we parted company. We were working on it for a while… It’s a producer’s film really in a way and they just didn’t see it the way we saw it, and when you have those huge films you have to have harmony, at script stage anyway really to all agree on what you are going to set off with.”

When asked if he would do it again, or if he felt “burned” by the experience, Boyle replied with a smile, “Oh I doubt I’ll get another chance to have a go at it!

Consequently, he was delighted to have more time to spend in post-production of his new release to “finish it properly”.

Yesterday is a new fantasy romance where only one man in the world can remember The Beatles and their music. It is released by Universal Pictures, written by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral), released in most territories on 28th June.

Bond 25 is still slated for release on 3rd April 2020.

Our retrospective of all Bond films continues later this week with Thunderball.


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