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Could We See Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ in Monochrome?



After the disappointing theatrical release of the Warner Bros. superhero team-up film, Justice League, fans have been calling for the studio to release a director’s cut of the real version of the film by the original director, Zack Snyder. The fan movement, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, has gained a lot of ground in the past few years. Especially with Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck publicly joining the movement on the two-year anniversary of the film’s release, along with many in Hollywood.

While a growing abundance of evidence supporting the theory of the original 3.5-hour director’s cut being released is accumulating – in part thanks to the apparel from Ink to the People by Snyder with the film’s logo titled “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” – there has been some debate as to the completed status of the film. Many have said for years that the film is not 100% finished and would need millions of dollars to achieve that goal. Others believe it is fully finished. Forbes’ Mark Hughes has said that the original theatrical cut, somewhere in the 160-minute range, is over 90% completed. Snyder himself said it is not fully finished, but did add that he never truly feels as though a film is finished.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that Warner Bros. does, in fact, release Snyder’s cut of Justice League and that the film is not quite 100% completed. Would they put out a version of the film that is not fully finished and polished? Will there be a home video release or would it only appear on HBOMax? Will they release the original (and the confirmed, fully completed) soundtrack from Junkie XL? There are a lot of questions to be answered.

Here is my working theory: Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be released in monochrome.

Director Zack Snyder shared this image of Cyborg from ‘Justice League’ on Vero.

Think about it: Snyder knows from people close to him that worked on his cut of the film just how vastly different the theatrical cut is from his version. They told him not to watch the theatrical version because of it. What better way to differentiate his version of the film than to completely go in the opposite direction with the color palette? Besides, doing so will likely match the tone of his original film much better and it could take care of the “ are the VFX finished” debate once and for all. Although I am no expert in the visual effects department.

I have always echoed the sentiment that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is “superhero noir meets Stanley Kubrick” and Snyder’s style would translate over to black-and-white quite effectively knowing his darker, subtle visual storytelling techniques.

Also keep in mind that Snyder and those involved with the film have been sharing tons of photos from the film in black-and-white for over a year now, especially as of late.

Plus, remember how Snyder told fans that in his version of the film, Superman will be wearing a black suit? Well, we know that Warner Bros. overruled Snyder on the topic and Superman wore the original suit when he returned. It is not entirely known if Henry Cavill was wearing the black suit or not while filming, but there is speculation on both sides.

Some fans think that Cavill did, indeed, shoot scenes wearing the black suit and an uncovered photo from the film shows Cavill walking past not the black suit that we saw in the deleted scene, but instead the classic suit. This would suggest that he went to the black suit and donned that one when he made his big return.

Others, including some of us on this site, think that the photo shared by Snyder of Cavill wearing the black suit is not entirely authentic – meaning that he wasn’t actually wearing the black suit for the picture. Evidence of this theory is suggested by the color of Cavill’s eyes changing along with the color of the suit. When also looking at pictures of the black suit from the film, it does not match up 100% to the pictures that Snyder has shared. To be fair, a counterargument would state that we have no idea what the black suit might have looked like because we haven’t actually seen it.

I have no insider knowledge and I am unsure as to which option is the correct one. Time will likely tell.

Even if Snyder did tweak the original photo, it would be in no way a bad thing. It would only suggest, to me, that the theory of making the entire film in black-and-white a more plausible one. If I am wrong – and believe me, I’m wrong more often than I’m right – and the film is in full color, I will happily be wrong and enjoy Snyder’s Justice League. I am beginning to have a stronger feeling, though, that my working theory might just be more than a theory.

Do you think the film will be released in monochrome? When do you think we will see Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Let us know!