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CONFIRMED: Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Will Appear In Ezra Miller’s ‘Flashpoint’ Flash Solo Film




I don’t know about you, but it feels like we’re living on Earth 2 or something. Not only has Zack Snyder’s Justice League revitalized the dormant DC World, but it’s also brought some of these characters back to life. Reel Anarchy can confirm that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg will be appearing in Ezra Miller’s Flash film, Flashpoint. In what capacity is still a mystery, but it was first reported by DCEU Mythic earlier this month.

But what this signifies to me is that this story may be more connected to Zack’s vision than originally thought. Reel Anarchy has also learned there are more characters that are confirmed, including Billy Crudup. For those that might not remember, he played Henry Allen, Barry Allen’s father, in the original Justice League (2017). And, because we can’t give more details than that (because it’s not our story to break), I’ll just say some more familiar faces will be showing up in the film as well. Just look at the title for reference and thank Zack Snyder.

Flashpoint is set to release June 3rd, 2022

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