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Clone Wars Character Makes Live Action Debut – ‘The Mandalorian’ Review



Titled, “The Heiress”, Bryce Dallas Howard goes big in her 2nd Star Wars directorial entry of ‘The Mandalorian’, punching in her ticket for a series of her own.

Running at just over a half-hour, this chapter marks the shortest episode of the season. But it arguably has the biggest bang. Following the narrative of the past 2 episodes, this episode was promised to show us some familiar faces. And boy did it do just that.


After escaping the spider-infested planet with a barely functioning ship. Mando and his “passengers” finally find themselves at their destination. The moon of Trask. Which is not only the Frog lady’s residence for the time being. But also the destination of Mandalorian coverts.

After a heartwarming reunion between the Frog lady and her husband, Mando sets off to find his people. And in classic Star Wars fashion, he encounters some issues along the way, but he does indeed find a covert of Mandalorians. Or more specifically, they find him. And the covert that Mando finds is being headed by none other than the former “leader” of Mandalore, Bo Katan Kryze!


As I mentioned before, unlike the previous 2 episodes, this episode wastes no time throwing us right into the action. But before we meet our Mandalorian brethren, we do get to witness some heartwarming moments in the beginning.

“The Mandalorian” season 2

After a hilarious moment where Mando crash lands on the docks and asks a Mon Calamari to fix it. The Mon Calamari looks hesitantly at the dismantled ship and responds “I’ll fuel it up… If it still holds fuel…” It was a small moment, but one that got an audible laugh out of me.

Then we proceed with the reunion between Frog wife and husband. It was a sweet moment. They saw each other from across the docs amidst a sea of people, then they embraced. Great moment. The music swelled and it gave me all the warm and fuzees. Great job by Ludwig Göransson, for composing such a beautiful moment. And props to Howard for directing it. As we’ll see later in the episode, Howard is no slouch when it comes to action sequences. But where Howard excels is capturing the human moments between the characters.


We then get to the part where Mando takes voyage across Trask in search for the covert. But on the way it turns out he was set up. After a group of pirates feed Baby Yoda to some sea creature, they trap Mando in hopes of obtaining his armor. Which I got to say is a bit much. What’s with characters in Star Wars having no regard for children? Either way, what they weren’t expecting his a group of Mandalorians to come to his aid. And this is where we meet the long-awaited Bo Katan Kryze, being played by her animated voice actress, Kattee Sackhoff! It was an awesome moment, that culminated in some juicy Star Wars goodness.

Sasha Banks as Koska Reeves

After a valiant rescue by Bo Katan and her Mandalorian compatriots, they take off their masks. Revealing Simon Kassianides portraying Axe Woves and Mercedes Varnado, aka “Sasha Banks” from WWE portraying Koska Reeves. But the even more revealing thing was the fact that they don’t abide by the Mandalorian code as we’ve come to know it.

When Mando calls them out for it, they respond with “Dank Farrik”, which I can only assume is a cure word from a galaxy far far away.


They then proceed to give a brief history lesson on why they would even do such a thing. And if you’re a Clone Wars or Rebels fans, there were some juicy Star Wars nuggets in here. Bo Katan mentions how the rule of covering your face comes from an ancient practice that has been recently been brought back by a group of zealots called “The Watch”. This is interesting because it shows how each clan in the Mandalorian culture has different views and belief systems. If you’re familiar with Clone Wars, you’ll recognize “The Watch” sounds similar to the warrior clan called “Death Watch”. Which is the clan that waged war on Mandalore and was lead by a Mandalorian extremist named Pre Vizsla (who was voiced by Jon Favreau).

Mandalorian with “Death Watch” Symbol

This small interaction was great because it not only tied into the larger canon in a big way by incorporating animated characters for the first time in live-action. But it also showcased the state of the Mandalorian culture currently in the galaxy. Some stuff was mentioned that animated fans were aware of, but to see it tie in was great and it also had some really interesting implications. Such as, will Din Jarin continue upholding the values of the Mandalorian creed that were adopted by “The Watch”, could there be a rift between the Mandalorian clans and a potential civil war? I don’t know, but I’m excited to find out.


After being rescued, Mando encounter’s some more pirates, and just as you might’ve guessed it. He gets rescued again, thanks to Bo Katan. After saving his life, they go out for drinks and concoct a battle plan. I guess 2nd times the charm? Bo Katan mentions how she aims to seize the weapons on a freighter and use them to retake their homeworld and seat a new leader of Mandalore. Mando is hesitant, but with the promise of being able to lead him to a Jedi, Mando takes the offer.

Moff Gideon with Dark Saber

After an awesome action sequence ensues, Bo Katan reveals her true motive. Not only to expand Mandalorian armory, but to obtain her “Dark Saber“. Which we know is now in the hands of Moff Gideon. This sets the stage for a potential clash between the Mandalorians and the Empire, which I speculated before the season began.

Unfortunately, Bo Katan’s road to the Dark Saber might be a little longer than expected, because once she had an imperial general who could possibly lead her to Gideon within her grasps, he killed himself. Much like a Nazi informant crushing a cyanide pill, the imperial general per Gideon’s instruction said “Long live the Empire” and ensured Bo Katan’s search for the Dark Saber won’t be that easy…


Though Bo Katan didn’t get everything she wanted. She still stuck to her word and commended Mando for his bravery. Further iterating the point she made to him earlier at the bar that Mandalorians are stronger together. So I can almost guarantee we will be seeing more of her. It’s looking like the Mandalorians are on a collision course with the Empire and they’re gonna need every ally they can get. That means all clans of Mandalore joining together, including clan Wren

And speaking of clan Wren, who’s the leader is Sabine Wren, from Star Wars Rebels fame. It’s looking like her along with other Rebel’s luminaries might make an appearance soon as well. Because Bo Katan didn’t just tell Mando where he can find the Jedi. She told him exactly who to look for. And that is Ahsoka Tano!

It was heavily speculated, but I’m excited to see it happening. It’s looking like next week will be our first look at Ahsoka Tano and potentially Sabine Wren in live-action! The Clone Wars and Rebels reunion continues, and I couldn’t be happier! Bring on the lightsaber action!

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