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Christopher Nolan’s Next Film To Release July 2020



The entire world has been curious about Christopher Nolan’s next film and now we’re a little closer to finding out whats up his sleeve.

Warner Bros. announced today that Nolan’s next film will be released in IMAX July 17, 2020. It’s been described as an “Event Film,” but no other details were revealed about the untitled project.

Nolan has worked closely with Warners since the early 2000’s. The studio has handled all of his films distributions since Insomnia. His last film Dunkirk made $526.9 million at the Worldwide Box Office.

The highly acclaimed director is a master of secrecy, even in this day and age he goes to great lengths to maintain any leaks. He made Kenneth Branagh fly to Los Angeles and hand his hardcopy of the Dunkirk screenplay back to him personally.

Nolan’s next film will go up against Paramount’s The SpongeBob Movie and Fox’s Bob’s Burgers. There should only be one winner that weekend.


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