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Chris Terrio On Writing ‘Star Wars’ And The Snyder Cut



How It Began

It started about two weeks ago. Jesse Eisenberg admitted he had no idea what “The Snyder Cut” even was. Then Justice League composer, Tom Holkenborg, confirmed his score was complete for the film. But it was Jason Momoa who REALLY got it going. Talking with MTV News Josh Horowitz, he brought up that he’s seen the Snyder Cut and that fans deserved to see it as well. That’s when things really created a shift. Jason revealed a still of him piercing Steppenwolf to give us a clue about how he met his fate. Then Jay Oliva tweeted out a storyboard of Superman punching Steppenwolf to a still released of Diana decapitating him.

That’s when Zack Snyder joined the fray. He coincided some timed-released Never-Before-Seen images from his Cut. One highlighted Barry Allen and Iris West. Another showed Barry in the 3rd act watching as the Unity ripped apart everything. If you’re unfamiliar with that last sentence, I wrote the exclusive that covers what is happening. But then he dropped another image, only this time it featured Cyborg protecting his father from Steppenwolf.  Did I mention a Batman and Superman still? You can view all of the images down below.

And It Continues

So, you’re probably asking yourself ‘How does Chris Terrio fit into any of this?‘. Well, Birth. Death. Movies. talked with the man himself for their exclusive issue release for patrons that attend The Rise Of Skywalker at the Alamo Drafthouse in December. In there, he had some very interesting things to say about Star Wars and Justice League. When asked about how he landed the gig for Star Wars, he explained:

“The last thing I wanted to do was work on a franchise film, with the asterisk being Star Wars. That’s because Star Wars was the myth of my childhood. In so many ways, it’s the series of films that, if I’m honest, influenced me the most. I would like to say that Eisenstein or Ingmar Bergman influenced me the most, but in my heart of hearts, the films that I have watche most in my life are the Star Wars films.

I had gone back to writing films that were more my stile. I had written a politcal thriller set in Guatemala that JJ was thinking about directing. So he and I had spoken on the phone, but we really didn’t know each other much beyond that. I guess based on that script, JJ called me and asked if I would consider coming to work with them on Episode IX. I was walking on 10th st in Manhattan when I got the call and I think I literally jumped in the air. I couldn’t believe it. I was trying to play it cool, but the little kid in me was screaming. I was deliriously happy, and of course said yes immediately and put all my other plans on hold. I flew out to LA, I think the next day, ad we just started work on the script.”

BMD | One Last Thing: Have You Seen The Snyder Cut?

“Uh, I have not seen it. That’s another conversation. I have seen my script version of what might have been in [The Snyder Cut], but I have not seen the cut. I mean, I… yea. That was… a very different franchise relationship. I have not seen it.”

BMD | Does It Exist?

“That is the right question! And the one that has never been satifactorily answered. I assume that things don’t –You know, in 2019, data never vanishes. So I don’t know. I imagine that it probably exists somewhere, but they’ve never shown it to me and they’ve never told me. I’m waiting for the invitation to some underground theater, someday, to see [The Snyder Cut], because I’m, you know –yeah. I’m interested to se what it would be, but no, I’m a little bit out of the loop there.”

What Else?

So there you have it. Chris Terrio hasn’t even seen The Snyder Cut of Justice League. Of course, I’m sure there’s a little resentment to the entire ordeal seeing as he and Zack were forced to do a page one rewrite of their original script. But that means that a lot of the main people involved with creating this film haven’t even seen the finished version. That’s telling. Very telling. Now, imagine if the film was never tampered with. How would that look like? Well, it appears most of the original cast and crew want to see that as well. Only time will tell.

Interview Source: Birth. Death. Movies.

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