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‘Captain Marvel’ Review – Higher. Further. Faster. Baby



Captain Marvel radiates the fun, vibrate, fast-paced energy of all the Marvel movies that have come before it. The film itself doesn’t bring anything particularly new to the superhero genre, but its a welcome addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Carol Danvers future has a lot of potential that I’m excited to see her fully reach.

This movie does a lot of setting up, getting the audience familiar with Carol and her world. Like most origin movies we don’t get to see her fully realize her potential till the third act so I am excited to see her hit the ground running in Avengers: Endgame and her imminent sequel. Speaking of her powers she is extremely overpowered and while it is a joy to see a female hero so powerful it would be nice to see her have to struggle a little bit considering in the third act she barely breaks a sweat. I’d suggest having a villain as powerful as her for the sequel to make the battle more engaging.

That being said Brie Larson brings to life a very likeable and relatable superhero that the audience can root for and despite a few lines of feminist dialogue early on that are too on the nose. Captain Marvel is a hero that everyone can look up to. In the beginning, however, they try to make her a bit too quippy like Iron Man and I don’t think it works well with Brie Larson’s acting style.

What does work well with her acting style is the moments where she is struggling to remember her past and figure out who she is. Those quiet, contemplative moments is where Brie really gets to show off her action chops. And once Captain Marvel finds out who she is, it’s really satisfying to see a heroine who is totally confident in who she is and what she is doing.

Brie is also helped by having an amazing supporting cast to back her up. Samuel L. Jackson brings his A game like always, giving a tremendous amount of heart and humour to the film. He and Larson have great chemistry, but to be fair Jackson has amazing chemistry with everyone. Him and Goose the cat have all the best jokes. Seeing Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson again reminded me of how much I’ve missed his character in the movies, unfortunately, he is given very little screen time. Ben Mendelsohn is a delight to watch and has a very compelling storyline that he can really sink his teeth into. Lashana Lynch and Akira Akbar as Maria and Monica Rambeau respectively both make very strong impressions and have me very excited to see the adult Monica meet up with Carol Danvers in a sequel. You really feel the years of friendship between them and Carol and sense the swirl of emotions they feel when she shows back into their lives after being thought dead for years. Annette Bening is also fantastic and her character brings some intriguing surprises in the film. Jude Law is good but is kinda wasted and not given much to work with. Gemma Chan is a very talented actress who sadly has nothing interesting to do in the film, so I’m hoping they use her more in a sequel.

The Score and world building are very impressive making you feel the worlds of the Kree and Skrulls are fully fleshed out even if you don’t get to see them for very much. And except for a few bad shots the effects are nicely done, plus I can’t get enough of Captain Marvel’s glowing powers. Overall Captain Marvel is a really entertaining movie that I think everyone can enjoy.

Captain Marvel