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Bryan Edward Hill To Write New ‘Power Rangers’ Movie For Hasbro and eOne



Titans co-producer Bryan Edward Hill has closed a deal with Hasbro and eOne to pen the script for the big screen Power Rangers reboot.

Following last week’s news that Jonathan Entwistle will oversee both Power Ranger film and tv film properties for Hasbro and eOne, along with directing, the studio is moving fast to get talent together to help pen the script.

Hill’s has written for some of the biggest comic book publishers out there, with  Marvel, DC, Boom and Vertigo to name a few. Most notable work is a five issue Batman arc titled On the Outside. This set up for a new volume of Batman and the Outsiders.

Whilst Titans has a fantastic cast, great costumes and some cool action scenes, the show itself suffers from terrible writing. That’s obviously not solely based on one person, it’s just became something associated with Berlanti’s superhero shows over the last few years.

Let’s hope Hill and Entwistle can give us something fresh with the new Power Rangers.

Source | Deadline

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