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Martian Manhunter Was In The Snyder Cut Of ‘Justice League’



J’onn J’onnz

If you’ve watched Man Of Steel or Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, you would know General Swanwick is pretty important in both films. And if you’re familiar with Reddit, you might also know that a popular fan theory was growing that Swanwick was a Justice League member. If that sounds crazy, that’s because it is. Only, it wouldn’t be Swanwick himself, but his alter ego Martian Manhunter, one of the original Justice League Members in the comics.

This theory has been there since 2013 but was never fully recognized by anyone involved, including Zack Snyder or Harry Lennix. So we, the fans, just went about our business. That was until this morning. On a day off from shooting Army Of The Dead, Zack decided to share a little storyboard from his cut of Justice League. In it, he reveals that Swanwick was, in fact, Martian Manhunter all along. He was posing as Martha to talk with Lois in her apartment. Just what the conversation holds is still a mystery. Check out the image below:


I have just learned that the original idea of Manhunter being Swanwick wasn’t in mind until during Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. That means Zack originally didn’t plan on it happening but was able to rework the concept early on just like he did with Batman appearing in his Superman Sequel.

It Wasn’t Actually Shot

If you know Zack, he usually draws his own storyboards and shoots everything he draws. In this instance, though, he admits that he wasn’t able to get Lennix for principal photography:

“I was able to shoot all of it except for the Harry Lennix side, it was my intention to do [The filming part] in LA”

Martian Manhunter

Zack Snyder on Vero

What kind of role did Martian Manhunter have in Justice League? We still don’t know. And we likely will never know until the Snyder Cut of Justice League gets released. But even if it does, Zack would need to have Lennix film the role and have a VFX team enhance the transformation. And this goes back to the major question of how much needs to be completed and at what cost. With each reveal, we can start to add it all up. Maybe this is why the entire 3rd act of the film was reshot?


Source: Zack Snyder Vero

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